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How to get this[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to XMB Settings [Settings] > [System] > [System Information]
  2. Press simultaneously D-Pad LEFT Button + Dualshock L1 button + Dualshock R1 button + Dualshock square button for a few seconds
  3. Release those buttons then immediately press Dualshock start button and keep it held
  4. While holding Dualshock start button, press D-Pad LEFT Button once to have the menu stay up on it's own.

Description[edit | edit source]

See the examples in the Discussion page

First section[edit | edit source]

Information Examples Notes
Region/System Type/Target Name - / CEL / CEX-ww
RU3 / DEX / CEX-ww
UC2 / DEX / DEX-ww
UC2 / DEX / dtcpipdevdex
UC2 / DEX / qabdp
UC2 / TOOL / DevelopmentTool
If the System Type and the Target Name are the same will be shown only the Target Name, e.g: a retail PS3 for euro region will shown: -/CEL/CEX-ww. See: Product Code and SKU Regioning
User ID user:00000001 Number assigned to the user when the offline account was created on the PS3
Syscon 0C16.0000000000000000@SC
Syscon Firmware SoftID + PatchID
You can also get the syscon SoftID with the revision command over the Syscon UART serial interface.
Bluetooth 0E18@BT Bluetooth Firmware SoftID
Wifi 2.5.3.p5@EURUS
Wifi Firmware version (NA = hardware not present/connected for CECHBxx)
MultiCardReader 1.01@MCC
MultiCardReader Firmware version, only 3 possible values: 1.01, 1.08 (for CECHAxx, CECHCxx, CECHExx), or NA (hardware not present/connected), for the other PS3 models

Second section[edit | edit source]

Second part of the screen follows structure from Index.dat (if you use spoofer, the data will show the spoofed strings) and explains about revisioning of dev_flash files:

Information Example Index.dat Notes
Firmware version 3.55 release:03.5500:
image version,date of creation 47515,20101127 build:47516,20101127:tetsu@tetsu-linux14
Target number 0001 target:0001:CEX-ww
security repository 4072@security/sdk_branches/release_355/trunk security:4072@security/sdk_branches/release_355/trunk:
system repository 46573@sys/sdk_branches/release_355/trunk system:46573@sys/sdk_branches/release_355/trunk:
X3 repository 15614@x3/branches/target35x x3:15614@x3/branches/target35x: ANSI C standard? (X3.159-1989 and ISO/IEC 9899:1990)
paf repository 6107@paf/branches/target35x paf:6107@paf/branches/target35x: parseArgumentsFile?
vsh repository 83779@vsh/branches/target35x vsh:83779@vsh/branches/target35x: VSH
Japanese Panel repository 69@sys_jp/branches/target35x sys_jp:69@sys_jp/branches/target35x:
PS1 emulator repository 6555@emu/branches/target101/ps1 ps1emu:6555@emu/branches/target101/ps1: ps1emu (ps1_emu.self)
PS1_net emulator repository 6679@emu/branches/target355/ps1_net ps1netemu:6679@emu/branches/target355/ps1_net: ps1emu (ps1_netemu.self)
PS1_new emulator repository 6556@emu/branches/target202/ps1_new ps1newemu:6556@emu/branches/target202/ps1_new: ps1emu (ps1_newemu.self)
PS2 emulator repository 6597@emu/branches/target350/ps2 ps2emu:6597@emu/branches/target350/ps2: ps2emu (ps2_emu.self)
PS2_gx emulator repository 14473@branches/target355/gx ps2gxemu:14473@branches/target355/gx: ps2emu (ps2_gxemu.self)
PS2_soft emulator repository 13474@branches/soft190/soft ps2softemu:13474@branches/soft190/soft: ps2emu (ps2_softemu.self)
PSP emulator repository 6646@emu/branches/target355/psp pspemu:6646@emu/branches/target355/psp: pspemu (psp_emulator.elf, psp_translator.elf, etc...)
emerald repository 3781@emerald/target35x emerald:3781@emerald/target35x: ?AV-player? / NA on DEX/DECH/DECR
BD-ROM Player repository 14948@bdp/prof5/branches/target35x bdp:14948@bdp/prof5/branches/target35x: Bluerayvideo / NA on DEX/DECH/DECR
auth 47515 auth:47516: