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Bluetooth[edit | edit source]

BlueTooth and Wifi channels

The PS3 contains two wireless technologies, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.0. It is not possible for both to be used at the same time, so the PS3 alternates between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication at a very fast frequency using time division multiplexing (note, see:Marvell-WiFi-Bluetooth-Coexistence.pdf). Both wireless capabilities are powered by the Marvell 88W8580 chip. In SKU Models CECHL and later, this wireless module updated to Marvell 88W8780 chip and became part of the motherboard (no longer on a separate daughterboard).

Hardware[edit | edit source]

IEEE 802.11b/g wireless network and BlueTooth 2.0 EDR controller chip: Marvell 88W8580 / Marvell 88W8780. See: Wifi

The Bluetooth in the PS3 supports a maximum of eight devices concurrently. With the PS3 console using up one master slot, it leaves seven empty slots for connecting with Bluetooth devices (like Sixaxis and Dualshock3 controllers). The Bluetooth is version 2.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), supporting a maximum of 2.1 megabits per second data transfer rate. The Bluetooth controller contains 1MB of NOR flash memory using a Spansion chip and another 1MB of NOR flash memory using a SST chip.

Type Size Speed Voltage Packaging Manufacturer Serialnumber Description
ARMv5TE-compliant ? 50MHz ?3.3V? 256-ball BGA Marvell 88W8580-BAN1 PS3 Wi-Fi/BT controller chip
ARMv5TE-compliant ?8kbit EEPROM? ?50MHz? ?3.3V? ?256-ball BGA? Marvell 88W8780-BIE2 PS3 Slim Wi-Fi/BT controller chip
NOR Flash 1MB - 3.3V - Spansion S99AL008D002 PS3 Bluetooth flash chip
NOR Flash 1MB 70ns 3V - SST SST39VF800A-70-4I-M1QE PS3 Bluetooth flash chip

Sony CXN1500-3CAL 649T04S (BT driver subboard on CWI-001)[edit | edit source]

Bluetooth subboard (as seen on CWI-001 / 1-871-870-21 for CECHA, CECHB, CECHC) with SCEI & CSR D3261GG (Bluetooth controller) and Spansion S99AL008D002 (NOR Flash)

as seen on CWI-001 / 1-871-870-21 for CECHA, CECHB, CECHC

Spansion S99AL008D002 0630DBA H (NOR Flash 8Mbit 3.3V)[edit | edit source]

package: BGA48

SCEI & CSR D3261GG (BlueCore4-ROM - Single Chip Bluetooth Solution, V2.0+ EDR System)[edit | edit source]

package: BGA132

Sony CXN1502-3AAL 752D34S (BT driver subboard on UWB-001)[edit | edit source]

as seen on UWB-001 / 1-875-939-21 for CECHK

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