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Screenshot examples[edit]

Syscon string format speculation[edit]

There are motherboards with 4.00 firmware with a string filled with zeroes after the "." (0000000000000000). This zeroes means that his SoftID includes all the needed patches (in other words... 4.00ofw contains no patches aplicables to this syscon)

There is a direct relationship between the numbers used in the names of the .pkg's and the info shown after the "." e.g: SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01040402.pkg will be shown in screen as: 0E69.0001000400040002 (to convert the string just add a zeroed byte before every byte)

Based in the numbers used in the patches them can be ordered in a timeline from "older to newer": 0100****.pkg 0101****.pkg 0102****.pkg 0103****.pkg 0104****.pkg 0105****.pkg (there are only patches for 6 different syscons in 4.00 firmware, but probably there are more syscon generations used in newer motherboards that doesn't need patches yet)

The only patch that doesn't follow this rules is SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_S1_00010002083E0832.pkg whose numbers string doesn't need conversion, but it keeps the format 00010002******** (its unknown why this patch is speciall, and if it uses a different install method than the others)

Note there are only 5 syscon hardware series known in this order: CXR713F120A, CXR713120-201GB, SW-30x, SW2-30x, and SW3-30x

The SoftID versions are ordered chronologically, and are dependant of this hardware revisions of syscon. As an example the chronologicall order of SoftID availables for CXR713120-201GB is 0B8E--->0C16--->0D52--->0DBF--->0E69. After this SoftID the increasing numeration stops. In the next hardware revision of syscon (SW-30x series) the SoftID starts in 065D (is smaller than the previous series)... is not clear if this series continues with SW2-30x and later with SW3-30x because the numbers matches but the syscon hardware is a different series

The value used in SoftID is not an identifyer of syscon hardware itself, actually each syscon has several SoftiID compatibles (but this doesnt means that all the compatible versions can be installed because the syscon firmware contains code to initialize/manage/communicate with other components of the motherboard as cell, southbridge (and underlying starship?, sata/pata adaptor?), etc...). In the case of a syscon firmware installed in a compatible syscon but with an incorrect SoftID some components of the motherboard can stop working, the whole system unable to boot or permanently bricked

It seems CXR713F120A and CXR713120-201GB has the same package/pinout... so maybe this first 2 syscon models can be refered as "CXR713 series" his SoftID versions keeps the chronologically order. Then the "rare" version is "03FB" because there is a "jump" after it... maybe this strange behaviour in the versions is related with the "CP updates" ?

Note at the bottom of this page: (CXR713F120A syscon located ON the Communication Processor Board). Is the same component, but is an important change in the hardware, this can be a good reason to keep a different SoftID versioning for this "pre-release" DECR models

Example tables (please help to fill it)[edit]

Syscon Patches

PS3 Model PS3 Type Motherboard Syscon Hardware SoftID.SysconPatch@SC System Controller Firmware Patches Notes
File Name Version Installed from
DECR-1000 0x01 TMU-520 CXR713F120A 0F3B.0000000000000000@SC v1.0.5c1_TMU510_u.bin v1.0.5 c 1 CP ver 1.33 Full firmware overwrite from Communication Processor
DEH-H1001-D 0x01 COOKIE-13 CXR713F120A 0B67.0000000000000000@SC n/a n/a n/a
DEH-H1000A 0x01 COK-001 (proto) CXR713F120A 0B67.0000000000000000@SC n/a n/a n/a
CECHAxx 0x01 COK-001 CXR713120 series 0B8E.0001000000000004@SC
v1.0.0 release 4
v1.0.0 release 5
v1.0.0 release 6
1.30 Firmware
1.81 Firmware
3.40 Firmware
CECHBxx 0x02
CECHCxx 0x03 COK-002 0C16.0001000100030002@SC
v1.1.3 release 2
v1.1.3 release 3
1.81 Firmware
3.40 Firmware
CECHExx 0x04
CECHGxx 0x05 SEM-001 0D52.0001000200030002@SC SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01020302.pkg v1.2.3 release 2 3.40 Firmware
CECHHxx 0x06 DIA-001 CXR714120 series 0DBF.0001000300030002@SC SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01030302.pkg v1.3.3 release 2 3.40 Firmware
CECHJxx 0x07 DIA-002 0E69.0001000400040001@SC
v1.4.4 release 1
v1.4.4 release 2
Factory ?
3.40 Firmware
DECR-1400 0x09 DEB-001 CXR713120 series 0E69.0001000400040001@SC n/a v1.4.4 release 1 Factory ?
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 0F29.0001000500000002@SC SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01050002.pkg v1.5.0 release 2 3.40 Firmware preproduction slim or arcade ? (see: Serials)
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 0F38.0001000500010001@SC SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01050101.pkg v1.5.1 release 1 3.41 Firmware preproduction slim or arcade ? (see: Serials)
CECHLxx 0x08 VER-001 SW-30x series 065D.0000000000000000@SC n/a n/a Factory No patches availables in System Firmware
CECH-20xx 0x09 DYN-001 SW2-30x series 0832.00010002083E0832@SC SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_S1_00010002083E0832.pkg ??? 3.00 Firmware
CECH-21xx 0x0A SUR-001 08A0.0000000000000000@SC n/a n/a Factory No patches availables in System Firmware
CECH-25xx 0x0B JTP-001 or
08C2.0000000000000000@SC n/a n/a Factory No patches availables in System Firmware
CECH-30xx 0x0C KTE-001 SW3-30x series 0918.0000000000000000@SC n/a n/a Factory No patches availables in System Firmware
CECH-40xx 0x0D MSX-001 or
MPX-001 or
SW3-30x series 098F.0000000000000000@SC n/a n/a Factory No patches availables in System Firmware
CECH-42xx ? ? ? ? ? ? ? No patches availables in System Firmware
CECH-43xx ? ? ? ? ? ? ? No patches availables in System Firmware
Rows marked in grey are "reference tool" models
Rows marked in blue are "preproduction" models
Rows marked in red are "unknown" models
  • Table notes
    • Is possible to add another interesting column "Syscon VER (UART command)" documented here: Syscon_Hardware#Syscon_UART. But we have only 1 example 00000000 S1E 00 00 065D, noted here because belongs to SoftID 065D and gives a hint of the versioning used (S1E maybe is "Series 30" refered to "SW-30x part number")
    • Based on this code, the 4 numbers of the syscon firmware/patches are: major version, middle version, minor version, release version

i think that this will explain everything: and these are the generation of the SC (probably the first group is the correct one).

03FB -> 001111111011
0B67 -> 101101100111
0B8E -> 101110001110
0C16 -> 110000010110
0D52 -> 110101010010
0DBF -> 110110111111
0E69 -> 111001101001
065D -> 011001011101
0832 -> 100000110010
08A0 -> 100010100000
08C2 -> 100011000010
0918 -> 100100011000
098F -> 100110001111

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