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Glossary[edit | edit source]


Interactive Display Unit (IDU)[edit | edit source]

IDU stands for Interactive Display Unit. The Playstation 3 consoles displayed in Walmart stores are different from consumer units; They are unable to play some consumer software and have a built in demonstration mode which requires a password to access the important features. When a Firmware update is being performed, the disk and instructions will read “PS3 IDU v. xxx” along with the date of the update. Note: All interactives must be a IDU console! If it is not: 1) Get with the D5 manager and try to find the store's IDU console, 2) If it can not be found call the Tech Line to order a replacement and report it lost or stolen.

A plain retail unit, optionally in kiosk enclosure, running Shop/SEX firmware (a Playstation Update Package (PUP) with Promo_flags.txt set accordingly)

Demonstration Mode[edit | edit source]

Demostration mode is exclusive to PS3 IDUs. When the console is placed in Demonstration Mode, many of the settings functions on the XMB are locked out, for instance you are unable to delete movies and games, turn off the console in the PS Button menu, and reformatting the hard drive. To perform any firmware update, or install any package files, the PS3 has to be taken out of demo mode. The instructions included with the IDU update disc will walk you through the process of unlocking the console. It is important to always put the console back into Demonstration Mode after any update. If “Playstation 3 Demonstration Mode ver. xxx” is not displayed in the bottom right of the XMB screen, the console is not in Demonstration Mode. To place the console in Demo Mode you can restart the console using the touch sensitive button on the front of the console.

IDU Update Disc[edit | edit source]

PS3 IDU Update Disc 4.46

The IDU update disc is used to install the new firmware and package files on the IDU PS3s. Instructions are sent with the IDU disc, providing step by step instructions of how to complete the installation. It is very important to follow the directions as they are written, and to check the date listed on the IDU update disc.

As the IDU disks are pressed BDROMs, they comply to Basic Bluray disc authentication procedure, with its content on it as discbound+signed by Sony themselves, it does not error out with 0x80029564 - SCE_NP_DRM_INSTALL_ERROR_CHECK, like those NP retail packages would that are not started from pressed BD or using ODE, even when those are signed by Sony themselves.

IDU discs contains an HDD backup, and a firmware update

IDU Disc folder/file structure[edit | edit source]

   └── PS3
         │── SHOPINSTALL (hdd backup to restore only on  SHOP )
         │       ├── archive.dat
         │       ├── archive_00.dat
         │       ├── archive_[XX].dat
         │       ├── archive2.dat
         │       ├── archive2_00.dat
         │       └── archive2_[XX].dat
         └── UPDATE
                 └── PS3UPDAT.PUP

SHOPINSTALL folder[edit | edit source]

  • Related to XMB -> System Settings -> Backup Utility (Restore)
  • A video recorded in a "demo/shop PS3" in a walmart after using the "unlock code":

Install Package Files[edit | edit source]

Install Package Files in Kiosk

In shop/kiosk firmwares this icon is located under XMB Settings[Install Package Files]

The icon is only visible when XMB is working in "staff" mode (this means, after entering the password in XMB Settings[Security Settings]). Before entering the password the icon is hidden

Default unlock codes for Shop/SEX[edit | edit source]

  • 1.5x: 5202 8604
  • 1.6x: 7568
  • 1.7x: 0506
  • 1.8x: 7712 7259
  • 1.9x: 2737
  • 2.0x: 0219
  • 2.1x: 2464
  • 2.2x: 4801
  • 2.3x: 6558
  • 2.4x: 9015
  • 2.5x: 6258
  • 2.6x: 8783
  • 2.7x: 7164
  • 2.8x: 7897
  • 3.0x: 2310
  • 3.1x: 5081
  • 3.2x: 7818
  • 3.3x: 3512
  • 3.4x: 2998
  • 3.5x: 2297
  • 3.6x: 1739
  • 3.7x: 5138
  • 4.1x: 2464
  • 4.2x: 4801
  • 4.3x: 6558
  • 4.4x: 9015
  • 4.5x: 6258
  • 4.6x: 8783
  • 4.7x: 7164
  • 4.8x: 7897

others seen in vsh.self (3.55):

  • 0168
  • 8294

Shop Update Unlock Codes[edit | edit source]

visible in plain text within vsh.self

Example 4.23 Shop:

seg012:000000000065EC70 a5202:          .string "5202"          # DATA XREF: sub_CAC70+9CC�o
seg012:000000000065EC70                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065EC75 a7568:          .string "7568"
seg012:000000000065EC75                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065EC7A a0506:          .string "0506"
seg012:000000000065EC7A                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065EC7F a7712:          .string "7712"
seg012:000000000065EC7F                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065EC84 a2737:          .string "2737"
seg012:000000000065EC84                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065EC89 a0219:          .string "0219"
seg012:000000000065EC89                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065EC8E a2464:          .string "2464"
seg012:000000000065EC8E                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065EC93 a4801:          .string "4801"
seg012:000000000065EC93                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065EC98 a6558:          .string "6558"
seg012:000000000065EC98                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065EC9D a9015:          .string "9015"
seg012:000000000065EC9D                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECA2 a6258:          .string "6258"
seg012:000000000065ECA2                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECA7 a8783:          .string "8783"
seg012:000000000065ECA7                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECAC a7164:          .string "7164"
seg012:000000000065ECAC                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECB1 a7897:          .string "7897"
seg012:000000000065ECB1                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECB6 a3368:          .string "3368"
seg012:000000000065ECB6                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECBB a2310:          .string "2310"
seg012:000000000065ECBB                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECC0 a5081:          .string "5081"
seg012:000000000065ECC0                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECC5 a7818:          .string "7818"
seg012:000000000065ECC5                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECCA a3512:          .string "3512"
seg012:000000000065ECCA                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECCF a2998:          .string "2998"
seg012:000000000065ECCF                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECD4 a2297:          .string "2297"
seg012:000000000065ECD4                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECD9 a1739:          .string "1739"
seg012:000000000065ECD9                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECDE a5138:          .string "5138"
seg012:000000000065ECDE                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECE3 a0168:          .string "0168"
seg012:000000000065ECE3                 .byte 0
seg012:000000000065ECE8 a8294:          .string "8294"