4.20 SEX

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Released: June 25, 2012

Changes[edit | edit source]

Settings changes
  • Users can now set the amount of time that the system will wait before turning itself off automatically for [Video/TV/Music/Photo] and for [Game/Other Features]. The default setting is one hour.
  • Under [Date and Time Settings] → [Time Zone], Samoa Islands has been changed to American Samoa and Independent State of Samoa.
Media changes
  • The encryption key has been renewed for AACS, the copy protection system for Blu-ray Disc video content.
Game changes
  • Users can now select multiple saved game data files to copy or delete.
System changes
  • The sidetoning feature of the Wireless Stereo Headset, introduced in system software update 4.10, has been improved: users can now select one out of five microphone levels, or turn the feature off completely.
  • Virtual surround sound functionality has been added to the Wireless Stereo Headset when viewing Blu-Ray or DVD movies.
  • The [Eject Disc] function has been renamed to [Remove Disc].
  • [Hard Disk] has been renamed to [System Storage].
Network changes
  • When a message with no subject is received, that message's subject line now displays the entire text from the message.
  • Users are now only asked once per session if they want to run plugins when using the [Internet Browser].

Download[edit | edit source]

PUP hashes[edit | edit source]

MD5::391155DAEE43D0C86E31448CA703C83D | SHA1::6F1E744FC389ECAB981B8ABD5E742716C9A5E1E7 | CRC32::D7E3B24F | CRC16::BEBF | HMAC_SHA1::0xA51CA762FE9FE21352ED65D3F82DB3A8886EC8D0

PUP Information[edit | edit source]

PUP file information
Package version: 1
Image version: 57924
File count: 10
Header length: 720
Data length: 201117100
PUP file hash : A51CA762FE9FE21352ED65D3F82DB3A8886EC8D0
	File 0
	Entry id: 0x100
	Filename : version.txt
	Data offset: 0x2D0
	Data length: 16
File hash : FE37E627712C31BAB9A4FA3991FC6E8DE6AC990F
	File 1
	Entry id: 0x101
	Filename : license.xml
	Data offset: 0x2E0
	Data length: 293395
File hash : F95F6549CA39851A172D02B19A3CD0BEA8D332E0
	File 2
	Entry id: 0x102
	Filename : promo_flags.txt
	Data offset: 0x47CF3
	Data length: 1
File hash : D773CEBF1FDC2427274BFE5B1CDE09C7A859CE2A
	File 3
	Entry id: 0x103
	Filename : update_flags.txt
	Data offset: 0x47CF4
	Data length: 5
File hash : C2AEB10A5D9E2988C7436E2BBC9D88AB955D2737
	File 4
	Entry id: 0x200
	Filename : ps3swu.self
	Data offset: 0x47CF9
	Data length: 5666240
File hash : 3AF63C3F527FFB19BB9C3188C82E58078A1AC577
	File 5
	Entry id: 0x201
	Filename : vsh.tar
	Data offset: 0x5AF2B9
	Data length: 10240
File hash : D9B66E0D2845D71A67D76E7907AB06368CE61E08
	File 6
	Entry id: 0x202
	Filename : dots.txt
	Data offset: 0x5B1AB9
	Data length: 3
File hash : 1AA4749D0EE0D0AE937FBF73BC4B9ACD352F732A
	File 7
	Entry id: 0x300
	Filename : update_files.tar
	Data offset: 0x5B1ABC
	Data length: 189409280
File hash : E6855958EAC22CA1D2DB98C1DB19A253D44B3A4F
	File 8
	Entry id: 0x501
	Filename : spkg_hdr.tar
	Data offset: 0xBA542BC
	Data length: 71680
File hash : 64089DDD7B2B42B6CF5C973D178A6EBD59A31CDB
	File 9
	Entry id: 0x601
	Filename : ps3swu2.self
	Data offset: 0xBA65ABC
	Data length: 5666240
File hash : AFE68A4D6EE8D076CF39E5D18194007402BCACBB