100.002 - DECR

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ebootrom File Hashes[edit | edit source]

CRC-16: 64D9
CRC-32 (Ethernet and PKZIP): 5187C9B1
SHA-1: 597F7C7FFA752D2F993234FA9579120BA3813B71
SHA-256: C9B25CB7C48A6E24498B5D953782B2D4941AE32B9DE1650734C3D233A0EB6E55
SHA-384: F93CD74FE5C7595004999DFDAD3744910BB8EEE4448145284D01BF8CD8BD4665A3458ABB004096FF5F787856EA19CE58
SHA-512: 784661D64050F970840AE9EB34064B2D4C8F53586C45CFD63C8AF5490835AFC852B6B3EC0AE2BE6AFE908CA53B8CCC55FBBDF61802FFD275ADCCD4BE7C066ADB
MD-2: 4F7E95666783B7960FF1522BA4881992
MD-4: 64EF3107DA127E3AF71AF91F725CEC72
MD-5: E26313673CC65886014FB6EDCFA05287

ebootrom File Information[edit | edit source]

The beginning of this file (don't want to call it a header because of how it is) is unencrypted and contains the file list and extra info from Sony.