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The Product Code is an identifier that determines the model of the console.

Known Product Sub Codes[edit]

The Product Sub Code is stored at 7th and 8th bytes of IDPS. It can be found in EID0 and EID5. See Flash, PS3 Models, and Motherboard Revisions.

Table Name
PS3 Model Mother Board Product Sub Code Other info
CECHAxx COK-001 0x0001
CECHBxx 0x0002
CECHCxx COK-002 0x0003
CECHExx 0x0004
CECHGxx SEM-001 0x0005
CECHHxx DIA-001 0x0006
CECHJxx DIA-002 0x0007
CECHLxx VER-001 0x0008
CECH-20xxA/B DYN-001 0x0009
CECH-21xxA/B SUR-001 0x000A
CECH-25xxA/B JTP-001 0x000B
CECH-30xxA/B KTE-001 0x000C
? ? 0x000D
CECH-40xxA MPX-001(eMMC) 0x000E
? ? 0x000F
? ? 0x0010
? ? 0x0011
? ? 0x0012
? ? 0x0013
? ? 0x0014