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Tools[edit | edit source]


hex2key.c edit





Git[edit | edit source]

git docs

SceTool[edit | edit source]

common for all above: keys

scetool 0.2.7 <public build> (C) 2011-2012 by naehrwert   
NP local license handling (C) 2012 by flatz

Setup[edit | edit source]

- /data/keys : Keyfile.
- /data/ldr_curves : Loader curves (7744 bytes).
- /data/vsh_curves : VSH curves (360 bytes).
- /data/idps : IDPS as binary file
- /data/act.dat : act.dat
- /rifs/* : *.rif files
- /raps/* : *.rap files

Keyfile format[edit | edit source]

revision={00, ..., 18, 8000}
version={..., 0001000000000000, ...}
self_type={LV0, LV1, LV2, APP, ISO, LDR, UNK_7, NPDRM}

Keyset example[edit | edit source]


NPDRM key(set) names[edit | edit source]

- [NP_tid]: Title ID OMAC1 key.
- [NP_ci]: Control info OMAC1 key.
- [NP_klic_free]: Free klicensee.
- [NP_klic_key]: klicensee key.
- [NP_idps_const]: IDPS constant.
- [NP_rif_key]: rif key.
- [NP_sig]: Footer signature ECDSA keyset.

Error: Could not find keyset for SELF[edit | edit source]

Unlike unself, scetool does not bruteforce keys. So if you are trying to decrypt a file that is using a 4.75 key (4.20-4.91) and you only have that same key under :

4.20  · 4.21  · 4.22  · 4.23  · 4.25  · 4.26  · 4.30  · 4.31  · 4.40  · 4.41  · 4.45  · 4.46  · 4.50  · 4.55  · 4.60  · 4.65  · 4.66  · 4.70

it will error out. To see which key version is used by that complaining SELF, use:

scetool -i file_in

and add the missing key(s)

if that produces a line like:

Key Revision    [DEBUG]

the file is an fself (debug == no keys), just strip the first 0x90 bytes and save

Help text[edit | edit source]

USAGE: scetool [options] command

Commands[edit | edit source]

COMMANDS               Parameters            Explanation
-h, --help                                  Print this help.
-k, --print-keys                            List keys.
-i, --print-infos file_in                   Print SCE file info.
-d, --decrypt     file_in file_out          Decrypt/dump SCE file.
-e, --encrypt     file_in file_out          Encrypt/create SCE file.

Options[edit | edit source]

OPTIONS                Possible Values       Explanation
-v, --verbose                               Enable verbose output.
-r, --raw                                   Enable raw value output.
-0, --sce-type        SELF/RVK/PKG/SPP      SCE File Type
-1, --compress-data   TRUE/FALSE(default)   Whether to compress data or not.
-s, --skip-sections   TRUE(default)/FALSE   Whether to skip sections or not.
-2, --key-revision    e.g. 00,01,...,0A,... Key Revision
-m, --meta-info                             Use provided meta info to decrypt.
-3, --self-auth-id    e.g. 1010000001000003 Program Authority ID
-4, --self-vendor-id  e.g. 01000002         Program Vender ID
-5, --self-type       LV0/LV1/LV2/APP/ISO/
                      LDR/NPDRM             Program Type
-6, --self-fw-version e.g. 0003004100000000 Firmware Version
-7, --self-add-shdrs  TRUE(default)/FALSE   Whether to add ELF shdrs or not.
-8, --self-ctrl-flags 32 bytes              Override control flags.
-9, --self-cap-flags  32 bytes              Override capability flags.
-b, --np-license-type LOCAL/FREE            License Type
-c, --np-app-type     SPRX/EXEC/UPDATE      App Type
-f, --np-content-id                         Content ID
-l, --np-klicensee    16 bytes              Override klicensee.
-g, --np-real-fname   e.g. EBOOT.BIN        Real Filename
-j, --np-add-sig      TRUE/FALSE(default)   Whether to add a NP sig. or not.

History[edit | edit source]

Version 0.2.7[edit | edit source]

- Added local NP license handling.
- Added option to override klicensee.
- Added option to disable section skipping (in SELF generation).

Version 0.2.5[edit | edit source]

- Added option to use provided metadata info for decryption.
- "PS3" path environment variable will now be searched for keys/ldr_curves/vsh_curves too.

Version 0.2.4[edit | edit source]

- Added option to display raw values.
- Moved factory Auth-IDs to <public build> (as they are on psdevwiki now).

Version 0.2.2[edit | edit source]

- Added options to override control/capability flags (32 bytes each).
- Fixed where a false keyset would crash scetool when decrypting a file.
- Some source level changes and optimizations.

Version 0.2.1[edit | edit source]

- zlib [2] is required to use scetool.
- 'sdk_type' was changed to 'revision' in data/keys.

OpenSCETool[edit | edit source]

Break N Make (MakeSelf & BreakSelf)[edit | edit source]

Make Self v1.1.0.0 (08112014153810)

Download[edit | edit source]

Download: mirror

Key.conf[edit | edit source] <- dead link

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Win32 GUI Version
  • Drag and Drop of bin.self.SPRX (Will Open if Klic Key needs changing)
  • Changing of Decyption Klic
  • Decryption of NPDRM
  • Uses Key.conf to add new Keys if necessary (iso/app/npdrm/lv0/lv1/lv2 keys)
  • Can be added (Manually) to Right click Function for Quick Decryption

Changelog[edit | edit source]

V1.1 (08-11-2014)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Control Flags 0x1B = 0x10
  • Changed Wording For Flag "default licensee" to “First Boot”..
  • Moved Configuration Section into its own Button
    • Now you can set the Configuration for the ini files inside
  • Added in klicensee.ini
    • This allows you to Database your own Personal Keys.
  • Added ability to Change DRM Type
    • Checks for it in the klicensee.ini will set new key if pressent
  • Added Quick Selector
    • (Reads from klicensee.ini) in NPDRM Settings Area for any preprogramed files..
  • Added Drag and Drop to Clone
    • (Can now Drop file you want to use for Clone "ANY" place outside of the Elf/Self File Sections and it will read it to try and clone it)
  • Upgraded Clone Function (this will use klicensee.ini)
    • If the file is present inside the klicensee.ini it will auto detect when you Clone the original file.
New Klicensee.ini what is it?[edit | edit source]

First Format



  • title =
 is the title you will see in Quick Selection area. (Put what you would like)
  • productionid =
 this is the 36character ID that belongs to the game (eg: UP1017-BLUS30682_00-GTACOMPLETEV0102)
  • filename =
 the name to the file this works for so Eboot/SPRX/SELF and so on) (note 1 name per [klicensee] section)
  • flags =
 20 – Game Update / 01 – First boot …. Note that they Stack so 21 – both on
  • Key0=
 Disc (normaly just normal Free key no need to put)
  • Key1=
 Network (Normaly the same as RiF key)
  • Key2=
 Local (This is your Personal Rif key)
  • Key3=
 Free (for Eboots this key is the normal Free key, for Sprx,Selfs this key can be found inside the Eboot to decypt the Sprx,Self)
  • Key4=
 for PSP

Note : you only need to put the Key section you plan to use.

here is an example setup

key3= 00000000000000000000000000000000

V1.0 - Original (29-10-2011)[edit | edit source]

Make Self v1.0.0.1 (29102011123508).jpg

  • Allows you to Encrypt (Dex)+(CEX)+(NPDRM) Bin,Self,Sprx,Isoself
  • Has Clone Function
  • Allows for Multi control over how files are encrypted ..
  • Allows for Setup of Quick Settings inside Quick.ini
  • Updatable keys.conf uses same one as Breakself.
  • Allows for Encrypting Using original
What is Clone?[edit | edit source]
  • Clone Settings from Original Encrypted file

Press “Clone Settings” then pick original Encrypted file .. If NPDRM you may need to fill in the K_Licensee with decrypt key Before doing the Clone..

NPDTool v4d[edit | edit source]

npdtool v4d by belmondo and user ©2014

usage decrypt: npdtool [mode] infile outfile [rap/idps/klic] [act] [rif]

       [mode]:   d    (decrypt edata using idps, act.dat and rif)
                 dk   (decrypt edata using k_licensee)
                 dr   (decrypt edata using rap)
                 ds   (decrypt sdata)

usage encrypt edata: npdtool [format] infile outfile [klic] [cID] [block]

       [format]: 1    (format1 edata)
                 1c   (format1 compressed edata)
                 2    (format2 edata)
                 2c   (format2 compressed edata)
                 3    (format3 edata)
                 3c   (format3 compressed edata)
                 4    (format4 edata)
                 4c   (format4 compressed edata)
       [cID]:    XX0000-YYYY00000_00-0000000000000000
       [block]:  not for compressed [MAX 8000]

usage encrypt goma: npdtool [format] [cID]

       [format]: goma (licence edata)
       [cID]:    XX0000-YYYY00000_00-0000000000000000

usage encrypt sdata: npdtool [format] infile outfile [block]

       [format]: 1s   (format1 sdata)
                 2s   (format2 sdata)
                 2sc  (format2 compressed sdata)
                 3s   (format3 sdata)
                 3sc  (format3 compressed sdata)
                 4s   (format4 sdata)
                 4sc  (format4 compressed sdata)
       [block]:  not for compressed [MAX 8000]

usage bruteforce: npdtool [mode] inNPD inELF outK_lic.bin

       [mode]:   b    (bruteforce k_licensee in hex)
                 b2   (bruteforce k_licensee in ascii)

usage info: npdtool [mode] inNPD

       [mode]:   i    (info)

PSNope[edit | edit source]

by u$er - latest version 1.06?

PSN Patch[edit | edit source]


SDATA Tool[edit | edit source]

Small open source tool to unpack and decrypt SDATA files. All the hard work and reverse engineering done by Hykem, along with collaboration of AlexAltea and BlackDaemon. It supports all SDATA file variants: v1 to v4, compresed or uncompressed, debug or release SDATAs.


Usage: sdata-tool.exe <input> <output>

fail0VERFLOW[edit | edit source]

ps3tools // ps3tools@github

usage: cospkg cos.pkg dir
usage: cosunpkg filename.pkg target
usage: pkg [key suffix] [contents] [filename.pkg]
usage: unpkg [-s] filename.pkg target
usage: readself file.self
usage: readselfoffsets file.self
usage: unself in.self out.elf
usage: makeself [-c] [type] [version suffix] [version] [vendor id] [auth id] [sdk type] [elf] [self]
makeself keytype keysuffix sdkversion vendorid authid sdktype file.elf file.self
sdktype=0000:retail0, 0001:retail, 0002:retail1, 8000 devkit

usage: puppack filename.pup directory [build number]
usage: pupunpack filename.pup directory
usage: norunpack dump.b directory
usage: sceverify filename
usage: scesekrit filename1 filename2

unself_gnpdrm.c source & unself_gnpdrm.exe Win32 compile : unself_gnpdrm.rar (60.16 KB)

usage: unself_gnpdrm in.self out.elf


usage: self_rebuilder [input.elf] [output.self] [original.self] [keytype] [keysuffix] [sdkversion] [sdktype] [auth id [idps.bin] [act.dat] [game.rif]
self_rebuilder keytype keysuffix sdkversion sdktype input.elf output.self original.self
input.elf=The input ELF/PRX to sign
output.self=The output SELF/SPRX to generate
original.self=The original SELF/SPRX for reference
keytype=lv0|lv1|lv2|iso|app|ldr|npd (please note if type is ldr use versionsuffix retail)
authid=1070000039000001 (only use if you want to change a revoked authid)
idps.bin=The input idps.bin to use (only needed for NPD1/NPD2 de/encryption)
act.dat=The input act.dat to use (only needed for NPD1/NPD2 de/encryption)
game.rif=The input game.rif to use (only needed for NPD1/NPD2 de/encryption)

Geohot Signing Tools[edit | edit source]

ps3publictools ([3]

usage: make_self input.elf output.self
usage: make_self_npdrm input.elf output.self <content_id>
warning NPDRM cares about the output file name, do not rename
usage: package_finalize my.pkg

Graf Chokolo Tools[edit | edit source]

graftools Graftools


spkg tool 1.0[edit | edit source]


  • fail0verflow key folder
  • spkg(3.56+) and pkg(0.80-3.55) key/iv
  • disabled ecdsa check in spu_pkg_rvk_verifier


spkg in.pkg out.spkg_hdr
spkg in.spkg_hdr out.decrypted_spkg -d

sputnik - Cell/SPU Pipeline viewer[edit | edit source]

commtool[edit | edit source]

Encryption/decryption of community files. Binaries: Source code:

netrpc[edit | edit source]


Objdump[edit | edit source]

If you, for whatever reason, need to disassemble non-x86 binary files, you usually look out for a disassembler. If there's nothing free available for your platform (e.g.: ARM) one of the few solutions may be buying something like IDA Pro.

But wait, if you only need to "analyze" a small portion (boot-sector, single routine, ...) and someone already ported GNUs GCC and bintools to your platform, using OBJDUMP may do the trick...

If "raw.bin" is your binary file, just typing

  objdump -d raw.bin
  objdump: raw.bin: File format not recognized

will not work. Objdump needs a file system object or file.

Just do it like this:

  # create an empty file
  touch empty.c

  # compile this empty file
  gcc -c -o empty.o empty.c

  # add binary as a raw section
  objcopy --add-section raw=raw.bin empty.o
  # remove ".comment" section to join
  objcopy -R .comment empty.o

  # now run objdump on it
  objdump -d empty.o


doing SPRX[edit | edit source]

ppu-objdump -xD --endian=big --target=elf64-powerpc --architecture=powerpc:common64 --disassembler-options=cell --target=binary binary filename.elf

Several handy scripts[edit | edit source]

Most of the scripts are using graf's ps3dm-utils, so make sure you have them in your /bin directory. Also make sure you are using graf's kernel (graf_chokolo kernel 2.6.39).[edit | edit source]

This script will panic lv1 and get you back to petitboot, without exiting to GameOS.

ps3hvc_hvcall /dev/ps3hvc panic 1[edit | edit source]

This script will get you into Factory/Service mode, without using dongle:

echo Generating a challenge
ps3dm_usb_dongle_auth /dev/ps3dmproxy gen_challenge
echo Generating a response '(0xAAAA)'
ps3dm_usb_dongle_auth /dev/ps3dmproxy gen_resp 0xAAAA
echo Verifying response '(0xAAAA)'
ps3dm_usb_dongle_auth /dev/ps3dmproxy verify_resp 0xAAAA
echo Checking if 'Product Mode is enabled
The returned value shouldn't be 0xff
ps3dm_um /dev/ps3dmproxy read_eprom 0x48C07

read[edit | edit source]

This script will dump your EID.

echo Dumping EID
dd if=/dev/ps3nflasha skip=$((0x2F000)) of=eid.bin bs=1 count=$((0x10000))

write[edit | edit source]

This script will write EID to flash.

echo Writing EID
dd if=eid.bin of=/dev/ps3nflasha bs=1 seek=$((0x2F000)) count=$((0x10000))[edit | edit source]

This script will dump your EID0.

echo Dumping EID0
ps3dm_iim /dev/ps3dmproxy get_data 0x0 > EID0.bin[edit | edit source]

This script will dump your EID4.

echo Dumping EID4
ps3dm_iim /dev/ps3dmproxy get_data 0x4 > EID4.bin[edit | edit source]

This script will get the size of your EID0.

echo EID0 size:
ps3dm_iim /dev/ps3dmproxy get_data_size 0x0[edit | edit source]

This script will get the size of your EID4.

echo EID4 size:
ps3dm_iim /dev/ps3dmproxy get_data_size 0x4[edit | edit source]

This script will get the size of metldr.

echo metldr size:
ps3dm_iim /dev/ps3dmproxy get_data_size 0x1000[edit | edit source]

This will dump your NOR memory.

echo Dumping nor
dd if=/dev/ps3nflasha of=nor.bin bs=1024[edit | edit source]

This will write dump to NOR memory.

echo Writing nor
dd if=nor.bin of=/dev/ps3nflasha bs=1024[edit | edit source]

This script will dump your ram.

echo Dumping ram
dd if=/dev/ps3ram of=ps3ram.bin[edit | edit source]

This script will dump your vram.

echo Dumping vram
dd if=/dev/ps3vram of=ps3vram.bin

Payloader3[edit | edit source]

source code repository:

Howto[edit | edit source]

  1. Set firmware version in Makefile
  2. Compile with "./"
  3. Copy pkg file to usb stick
  4. Install pkg on PS3

Precompiles[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Loading ps3load after the payload will execute the appropriate ps3load.self, after your self exits you will be returned to the XMB.
  2. Loading 'ethdebug' will load ArielX's Kammy self, after it executes you will be returned to the XMB.
  3. Loading 'ethdebug/ps3load' will load ethdebug, then ps3load.

ps3load 3.55 make_self fixed[edit | edit source]

  • older versions of ps3load would not work on 3.50/3.55 (¨sysProcessExitSpawn2¨ won't work proper), and you had to use 3.41 instead. This is no longer an issue with the recent version ps3load which fixed the (make_self) issue for 3.55

The PKG will install to the harddrive (dev_hdd0/game/PS3LOAD04/) with ps3load added as icon to the XMB > Network category.

Using ps3load[edit | edit source]

  1. make your app, produce at least an ELF
  2. sprxlinker yourapp.elf (this should be done for you if you use any of the samples)
  3. make_self yourapp.elf yourapp.self
  4. load ps3load on the PS3
  5. define the PS3LOAD environment variable in your favorite shell with tcp:ip_addr (where ip_addr is your the ip address of your PS3)
  6. ps3load yourapp.self

lv2-v9.pkg[edit | edit source]

patch1[edit | edit source]

  # PL3 3.55
  # Patches marked with (*1) seem to be unstable. Thanks to drizztbsd and
  # RandomUse.
  # PL3:
  ef48: payload.bin
  # Segment 0:
  ### 24e44: 38600000 # patch_func6 *1
  55dc4: 38600000 # lv2open: patch_func8_offset1
  55f28: 60000000 # lv2open: patch_func8_offset2
  ### 79d80: 3880000090830000 # patch_func4 + patch_func4_offset *1
  ### 79d88: 4E800020 # cont'd *1
  ### 7af7c: 60000000 # patch_func9_offset *1 
  ### c1dd0: 38600000 # patch_func7 *1
  2b3298: 4BD5C050 # hook_open (patch_func3 + patch_func3_offset)
  # Segment 1:
  346688: 800000000000f2dc # syscall_map_open_desc
  # Spoof
  # *f3b8: version.bin
  # 2e8218: 800000000000f378 # syscall_versiontest
  # 2e82f0: 800000000000f3c0 # syscall_process_sdkversion
  # 16ad74: 3960000a44000002 # sha1 test
  # f3e4: find 3437353136000000
  # *fe34: 3436313335000000

patch2[edit | edit source]

  # Waninkoko V2
  # 3270: e8821030e87c0020 # load unsigned ELFs
  # 3278: f8640000
  # e7f0: 48000c50 # Some jump
  ef48: payload2.bin
  19360: 7c001fac4c00012c
  1936c: 7c0018ac7c0004ac
  24e44: 4bfea5c5 # patch_func6
  55dc4: 38600000 # patch_func8_offset1
  55f28: 60000000 # patch_func8_offset2
  79d80: 38800000908300004e800020 # patch_func4 + patch_func4_offset *1
  7af7c: 60000000 # patch_func9_offset
  c1dd0: 4bf4d639 # patch_func7
  2b3298: 4bd5bf40 # hook_open
  3465b0: 80000000002e81e8 # sc8
  346688: 8000000000324968 # sc35

patch3[edit | edit source]

  # Syscall36
  # by 2 anonymous people
  55f14: 60000000
  55f1c: 48000098
  7af68: 60000000
  7af7c: 60000000
  2be4a0: payload3.bin
  2b3274: 4800b32c2ba30420 # add a jump to payload2_start
  55EA0: 63FF003D60000000  # fix 8001003D error
  55F64: 3FE080013BE00000  # fix 8001003E error
  346690: 80000000002be570 # syscall_map_open_desc

xorhack v2.0[edit | edit source] (35.56 KB)

Installing[edit | edit source]

If you have a previous version of XorHack installed you should remove it first. Do this by navigating to the install dir and typing "make clean" then "make uninstall" and then delete all remaining source files. To install XorHack copy the all files and folders that came with this readme onto your PS3 harddrive and then navigate to the location you copied them to.

 Type "make" to build all parts of XorHack.
 Type "make install" to install all parts of XorHack.
 Type "make uninstall" to uninstall all parts of XorHack.

Running[edit | edit source]

  • Once installed you can start the exploit loop from the command line by typing "ps3exploit 100" to perform the exploit loop 100 times.
  • Once the exploit is successful the hypervisor can be dumped by typing "dumphv". It will dump it to a file in the current dir.
  • Once the exploit is successful the bootloader can be dumped by typing "dumpbl". It will dump it to a file in the current dir.

GameOS dumper tools[edit | edit source]

Memdump[edit | edit source]

Memdump - lv1 screen

PS3 memory dumping tool that can dump lv1, lv2, NAND/NOR Flash, and eEID from GameOS.

Download[edit | edit source]

Applicable firmwares[edit | edit source]

FW lv1 lv2 Flash eEID 0.01 FINAL
Logs Notes
<=2.60  CEX   DEX  N / A N / A N / A N / A Not available as target version atm
2.70  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
2.76  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
2.80  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.00  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.01  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.10  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.15  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.20  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.21  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.30  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.40  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.41  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.42  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.50  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.55  CEX   DEX  Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.56  CEX   DEX  Pending Pending Pending Pending
=>3.60  CEX   DEX  N / A N / A N / A N / A Not available as target version atm
Legenda[edit | edit source]
  • NA : Not Available as target version (mostly because of missing lv1:mmap114 or lv2:peek/poke patches)
  • Yes: Fully supported
  • No: Not supported
  • Partial: Some functions work, others might not be complete
  • Pending: No reports yet (help out by sending in your logs and dumps in a ZIP/RAR/7z!)

Known bugs[edit | edit source]

  • buttons do not come back up after pressing -> to be fixed in v0.02 (button handler thread)
  • exit app gives rightscreen black triangle -> to be fixed in v0.02 (cleanup RSX buffer)
  • when free space is 0 bytes when dumping, application will halt -> to be fixed in v0.02 (check freespace first)

Current limitations[edit | edit source]

  • Needs mmap114+peek/poke as minimal patches
  • Can be buggy with strange spoofs
  • No reports yet on Kiosk/SEX & Tool/DECR models
  • NAND only : second bootldr at 0xF000000 - 0xF03FFFF (The last 256KB of flash) will be missing. Just copypaste the first bootldr 0x0000000 - 0x003FFFF (The first 256KB of flash), they are the same. Also, a console boots fine with only the first one.

flash dumper[edit | edit source]


NOR flash - dump will take about 30 minutes, size: 16 MB (1 file: flash.bin)
NAND flash - dumps will take more then 2½ hours, size: 239MB (1 file: flash.bin) with bootldr missing.
NOR flash - The tool dumps the first 2 sectors of "VFLASH partition table" located inside "virtual flash" region on HDD, dump size 0x3FF (0x30 header + 0x90 per region)

git source:

lv1 dumper[edit | edit source]


lv1 dump will take about 30minutes, size: 16 MB (1 file: lv1.bin)

git source:


This is an application which runs on the PS3 that you can compile and package using PSL1GHT and geohot’s tools. After running it, lv1 will be mapped at 0×8000000014000000 with read/write access, and you will be able to poke lv2 without the system shutting down.

lv2 dumper[edit | edit source]


lv2 dump will take considerable less than lv1dump, size: 8.5 MB (2 files: lv2.bin.0 & lv2.bin.1)
lv2 dump saves to harddrive, you'll have to ftp it out. no sourcecode available.

git source:

sysrom dumper[edit | edit source]

precompiled: dump_sysrom.pkg (69.67 KB) (glevand)

sysrom dump takes only few seconds, size: 256KB (1 file: sysrom.bin)

git source:

metldrdumper[edit | edit source]

precompiled: dump_metldr.pkg (69.67 KB) (CMX / original source code by: Flatz)

metldr dump takes only few seconds, size: 256KB (1 file: dump.bin)

source code:

vflash dumper[edit | edit source]

git source:

vsh dumper[edit | edit source]


(IDA analysis of sacd.sprx)

pupx dev_flash[edit | edit source]

Extracts dev_flash files from ps3 updates. To extract them you just have to put PS3UPDAT.PUP in the same folder and launch it.

dev_flash and dev_flash3 unpacker[edit | edit source]

it's a simple dev_flash extractor for 3.56+ PUPs

Before using it: Change this line "TOOLS=/home/wargio/.ps3tools" with the path of your tools, example: TOOLS=/home/god/ps3dev/ps3tools

LINUX version:

OSX version:

Usage: <*.pup>

example: PS3UPDAT.PUP

core os extractor[edit | edit source]

it's a simple core os extractor for 3.56+ PUPs

Before using it: Change this line "TOOLS=/home/wargio/.ps3tools" with the path of your tools, example: TOOLS=/home/god/ps3dev/ps3tools


Usage: ./ <PUP>

example: PS3UPDAT.PUP

Syscon FW Reader[edit | edit source]

This simple program will read and show information about a Syscon Firmware package.
To compile it, just run make.

SFO Reader[edit | edit source]

it will show useful informations, built initially for vita pkgs
To build it, just run make.
SRC -> Gitorious

Example of output:

[SFO HDR]     0x46535000
[SFO Version] 0x00000101
[SFO N]	      13 Value(s)
[SFO Values]  0x000000e4
[SFO Params]  0x0000016c
[ SFO ]
[   1 ]          APP_VER | Param: 01.00
[   2 ]        ATTRIBUTE | Param: 0x0
[   3 ]         BOOTABLE | Param: 0x1
[   4 ]         CATEGORY | Param: AV
[   5 ]          LICENSE | Param: Library programs ©Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Licensed for play on the PLAYSTATION®3 Computer Entertainment System or authorized PLAYSTATION®3 format systems. For full terms and conditions see the user's manual. This product is authorized and produced under license from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Use is subject to the copyright laws and the terms and conditions of the user's license.
[   6 ]   PARENTAL_LEVEL | Param: 0x1
[   7 ]   PS3_SYSTEM_VER | Param: 03.4200
[   8 ]      REGION_DENY | Param: 0xfffffffd
[   9 ]       RESOLUTION | Param: 0x1d
[  10 ]     SOUND_FORMAT | Param: 0x307
[  11 ]            TITLE | Param: Netflix Instant Streaming
[  12 ]         TITLE_ID | Param: NPUP00030
[  13 ]          VERSION | Param: 01.03

SFO2SFX[edit | edit source]

it's a really simple Sfo to sfx converter.
for now it's not able to convert from sfx to sfo (when i will have more time, i will write a SFX2SFO. deroad)
Download ps3tool_with_sfo2sfx (this is my full SRC. all the tools are already compiled)

[SFO HDR]     0x00505346
[SFO Version] 0x00000101
[SFO N]	      6 Value(s)
[SFO Params Offsets]  0x000000b4
[ SFO ]
[   1 ]         CATEGORY | Param: 2D
[   2 ]   PARENTAL_LEVEL | Param: 0x1
[   3 ]   PS3_SYSTEM_VER | Param: 01.3100
[   4 ]            TITLE | Param: PS2 System Data
[   5 ]         TITLE_ID | Param: NPIA00001
[   6 ]          VERSION | Param: 01.00


<?xml version="1" encoding="utf-8" standalone=yes"?>
<paramsfo add_hidden="false">
  <param key="CATEGORY" fmt="utf8" max_len="4">2D</param>
  <param key="PARENTAL_LEVEL" fmt="int32" max_len="4">1</param>
  <param key="PS3_SYSTEM_VER" fmt="utf8" max_len="8">01.3100</param>
  <param key="TITLE" fmt="utf8" max_len="128">PS2 System Data</param>
  <param key="TITLE_ID" fmt="utf8" max_len="16">NPIA00001</param>
  <param key="VERSION" fmt="utf8" max_len="8">01.00</param>

make_his[edit | edit source]

Generates a PARAM.HIS file from a Unix-formatted text file

HIP2HIS[edit | edit source]

This app simply convert a PARAM.HIP file to PARAM.HIS

ReactPSN .rap to .rif converter[edit | edit source]

This tool will convert .rap files to .rif. Place it to the ps3tools directory along with other tools and then place your idps and act.dat files to appropriate folders.

usage: rap2rif <rap file> <rif file>

ReactPSN .rif -> .rap converter[edit | edit source]

Your concole's IDPS named idps is in the exdata file folder.
Your act.dat is also in the exdata file folder.

The usage:

rif2rap <xxx.rif> <xxx.rap>


rif2rap <xxx.rif>

.rifkey to ReactPSN .rap converter[edit | edit source]

This tool can convert rifkey (klicensee) file to .rap file.

rifkey2rap <rifkey file> <rap file>

ReactPSN .rap to .rifkey converter[edit | edit source]

This tool can convert .rap file to rifkey (klicensee) file.

rap2rifkey <rap file> <rifkey file>

Metldr extractor[edit | edit source]

Extract metldr of NOR/NAND dump.

usage: extract_metldr <flash.bin> <destination>


(or just use Flowrebuilder and extract all binary)

decompile/disassembly .NET[edit | edit source]

Total Commander[edit | edit source]

  • Handy for searching static values (such as sboxes or curves) recursively in folders
  • Also useful to know where keys exist (in which elf they are located)

PkgView[edit | edit source]