Documented SPU Channels

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List of channels[edit | edit source]

Channel Name Number (hex) Notes
SPU Write Outbound Interrupt Mailbox 0x1E
SPU Read Inbound Mailbox 0x1D
SPU Write Outbound Mailbox 0x1C
MFC Read Atomic Command Status 0x1B
MFC Write List Stall-and-Notify Tag Acknowledgment 0x1A
MFC Read List Stall-and-Notify Tag Status 0x19
MFC Read Tag Group Status 0x18
MFC Write Tag Status Update Request 0x17
MFC Write Tag Group Query Mask 0x16
MFC Command Opcode 0x15 lower 16 bits
MFC Class ID 0x15 upper 16 bits
MFC Tag ID 0x14
MFC Transfer Size or List Size 0x13
MFC Effective Address Low or List Address 0x12
MFC Effective Address High 0x11
MFC LS Address 0x10
SPU Read State Save-and-Restore 0x0F
SPU Write State Save-and-Restore 0x0E
SPU Read Machine Status 0x0D
MFC Read Tag Group Query Mask Channel 0x0C
SPU Read Event Mask 0x0B
MFC Write Multisource Synchronization Request 0x09
SPU Read Decrementer 0x08
SPU Write Decrementer 0x07
SPU Signal Notification 2 0x04
SPU Signal Notification 1 0x03
SPU Write Event Acknowledgment 0x02
SPU Write Event Mask 0x01
SPU Read Event Status 0x00

Resources[edit | edit source]

The MFC is discussed in Section 6 of Cell Broadband Engine Architecture V1.0, while the first 27 DMA channels are listed in the SPU C/C++ Language Extensions V2.0