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Game Settings[edit | edit source]

Most PS3 games (probably all) uses one or more settings files that can contain several infos, like the list of .psarc's that will be loaded at boot time, generic settings like gamma level or brighness, or debug settings like gravity, godmode, fps display, etc, etc, etc...

This settings files can be embedded inside other file or separated files (in this case usually protected as an .edat) and are dependant of the Game Engine, in other words... all the games compiled with the same engine uses the same settings files

Game Files Mods[edit | edit source]

See also Multimedia Formats and Tools page

Call of Duty: World at War[edit | edit source]

So Simple[edit | edit source]

Big XP, Prestige, Levels, anything you can think of ^-^

  • Installation
    • Replace the patch_mp.ff using Comgenies File Manager or FTP in the directory of dev_hdd0/GAME/BLxxxxxx/USDIR/patch_mp.ff

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2[edit | edit source]

iMCSv7 Private patch 1.13[edit | edit source]

How to use it ? : Arrow up : Open Menu Arrow down : Open Shortcuts

Once Open Menu : Arrow up / down : naviguate in the menu Arrow left : Express Menu Arrow Right : Kick Menu

Shortcuts : Arrow UP : UAV HOST Arrow left : Promod Arrow right : Jump Host Arrow Down : Back to menu command

What contains this patch ? :

  • Installation
    • Replace the patch_mp.ff using Comgenies File Manager or FTP in the directory of dev_hdd0/GAME/BLxxxxxx/USDIR/patch_mp.ff

EliteMossy Ultimate V9[edit | edit source]

  • Video/Images:
  • Info: This patch uses GSC coding which allows us to mod more than the CFG 1.13 patches.
  • Installation
    • Replace the patch_mp.ff using Comgenies File Manager or FTP in the directory of dev_hdd0/GAME/BLESxxxx/USDIR/patch_mp.ff

Final Fantasy series[edit | edit source]

Gran Turismo 5/6[edit | edit source]

  • Info: unpack the GT.VOL file
  • Usage: gttool <volume file> <GT5/GT6> <output directory>

GT TOOL source code:


Half year ago I've created a tool to unpack encrypted and compressed archives from both versions of Gran Turismo (5, 6) and yesterday some guys asked me for its source code. So I've decided to release it. However a part of the source code requires some refactoring:!OwBXnZ5R!nG8dq3ixN ... 9_rg0l7FrQ

PD use custom file formats, cryptographic algorithms, deflate compression, sqlite database, custom script language called AdHoc (all scripts are already compiled here). If I recall correctly textures use DXT compression and soundtracks are stored in a custom container in the ATRAC3 format, movies are in the PAM format but they are encrypted, I've found a single key for an intro movie, other keys are stored in scripts. Also I've reversed their cache system with such weird naming system (K/H/A3 and so on), you can find all needed functions for them too.

Unfortunately I have no free time to continue this so I hope someone will be more lucky with it. Enjoy!

Could somebody please update tool for hdd cache and specdb decryption?
My tool can handle both things: HDD cache and specdb (and more). You just need to look carefully into original forum thread, I've released them too.
--Flatz (talk) 06:40, 19 December 2014 (EST)

Hi, Flatz, yeah I read the thread but "refactoring" and "compiling" are alien to me :(

Nice work on the vol extraction though, hopefully somebody will put together a release with all the options for GT6.

Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic[edit | edit source]

Incredibly Modifiable since the game's .xml files aren't encrypted... .dds texture swap work... i've already found extra hidden game modes (TAG, Assassin, Defend The Shrine, Onslaught & Treasure etc) ... including at least one that works... TAG MODE... so i made a menu option to start it for PlayerVsPlayer (no AI in TAG for now) works great until you try to load main menu after a match... also i was able to improve the AI, Jump distance / run speed etc... i even made Dodgeball mode low gravity ... there is also EngineConfig_PS3.ini which seems to have not only debug mode to skip main menu etc... but also dedicated server settings... private server would be fun...

Shin Hayarigami[edit | edit source]

  • USRDIR/sound/sound_se.dat is packed with .vag files
  • USRDIR/sound/sound_bgm.dat is packed with .at9 files

Skyrim[edit | edit source]

  • Porting mods to PS3
    • The files modifyed uses to be: INTERFACE.BSA (optional), SHADERS.BSA (optional), MISC.BSA, UPDATE.BSA, UPDATE.BSM, UPDATE.ESM. Can be obtained from the game update with pkgview.exe, or from the internall ps3 hdd after his installation
    • The tools needed to modify this files are: BSA Unpacker, BSA Commander, and a hex editor (e.g: XVI Hex Editor). Link to the tools: [Removed]
    • Turorial video:

Conjuration Madness + Modded INTERFACE[edit | edit source]

Created by: Headshot_Win Ported to PS3 by: DEREKTROTTER
Download: (included files: UPDATE.ESM conjurationV3.esp)

1 Chest with lot of special items. See list in the source

Evil Lair of Hydra[edit | edit source]

Created by: Hydralisk Ported to PS3 by: DEREKTROTTER
Download: (included files: UPDATE.ESM + UPDATE.BSM)
  • Video/Images:
  • Info:
    • Full function player home to store, sell, craft, enchant etc
    • Arena, bathing suite, mannequin room, club, storage & more
    • 67 beauties living inside bathing, dancing, waiting for you in bed...
    • Watch half-naked amazons fight each other, or fight them yourself
    • 62 exquisite Lydia-clone mannequins for armor display
    • Optional dungeon to imprison, torture and execute victims
Q: Where is Evil Lair and how to get there?
A: Northwest of Riverwood. Fast travel to Riverwood, turn left and cross the river. Lair entrance should be on your left. See map in images tab.
Q: How to unlock the gates first time inside?
A: Upon entry, pick up the book on the pedestal to open the door to the main hall. After that, in full version player can acquire the master key by defeating and looting Lord Hydra's ex-champion.

Levelers Tower[edit | edit source]

Created by: WillieSea Ported to PS3 by: DEREKTROTTER
Download: (included files: UPDATE.ESM + UPDATE.BSM)

Version 28, huge changelog, see source link

Phenderix Magic Evolved[edit | edit source]

Created by: phenderix Ported to PS3 by: DEREKTROTTER
Download: (included files: UPDATE.ESM + UPDATE.BSM)

Adds 272 New Spells

The Asteria[edit | edit source]

Created by: Mattcm919 Ported to PS3 by: DEREKTROTTER
Download: (included files: UPDATE.ESM + UPDATE.BSM)

The Asteria Is A Magnificent Dwemer Airship That Is A Very Unique Player Home And It Is Simply Waiting For You To Come And Claim It! The Airship Is Located To The West Of Riverwood And It Contains Everthing You Need: A Forge, A Workbench, A Grindstone, A Chopping Block, An Alchemy Table, An Enchanting Table, Mannequins, Weapon Plaques, Weapon Racks, A Smelter, A Tanning Rack

Aswell As A Bed, A Heap Chests And Containers For Safe Storage And Plenty Of Activatable Bookshelves!

Also, although it may not seem it but the airship is 100% LORE FRIENDLY!! Hopefully people who have played Bloodmoon will see how I left a book briefly describing the backstory next to the bed!

The Last Of Us / Uncharted series: Naughty Dog Texture Editor[edit | edit source]

Texture mod on Last Of Us

Info Tools:

  • UPDATE: Added a list that shows all of the uploaded textures. Click on "Online Texture" button on top menu and select "Available Texture List". You can see all of the textures with file and texture names and also previews.
  • UPDATE: Added comment field for textures and updated the attachment.

Other: Generic info, tools & skins pack: [1]

Telltale Games[edit | edit source]

tool for extracting and rebuilding the files archived in the ttarch archives used in the games developed by Telltale Games like:

  • Hector
  • Back to the Future
  • Poker Night at the Inventory
  • Sam & Max
  • Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent
  • Tales of Monkey Island
  • CSI series
  • Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People
  • Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures
  • Bone
  • Telltale Texas Hold'em
  • Jurassik Park
  • The Walking Dead series
  • Poker Night 2
  • The Wolf Among Us

Game Saves Mods[edit | edit source]

Codemaster project stuff, bauhamantlord compilation disc, etc...

  • Game Saves unencrypted
Game Security Notes
Assassin's Creed file sizes seem fixed
Battlefield: Bad Company 16 bit hash at start of file Fixed file size?
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII file size checks Seems like only has file size checks
Call Of Duty 4 hacked saves can be found on the internet
Condemned 2 file size check no hash check
Dark Sector 16 bit hash at start of file
Dead Space confirmed to be able to modify and still copy over to ps3
Ferrari Challenge fixed file size?
FIFA Street 3 Possible file size check No hashing?
Fight Night Round 3 2 files in plain text
FolkLore Very little data is saved in the file but seems like it has not hashing in it.
Gundam Crossfire Looks like there is not hash check in any of the files!
MotorStorm CRC32 checksum The track-list is un-encrypted.

For a more complete list, with example download links see:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare[edit | edit source]

CoD4 Codes[edit | edit source]

  • Installation: Obtain a gamesave from your PS3.

Open GPAD0_MP Copy and paste everything:

set playlist "7" set clanName "5*Gz" set cg_laserForceOn "1" set melee "1" set fx_enable "1" set fx_draw "1" set player_sprintSpeedScale "4" set player_meleeRange "900" set player_sustainAmmo "1" set party_connectToOthers "0" set party_host "1" set perk_weapRateMultiplier "0.000000001" set perk_weapReloadMultiplier "0.000001" set perk_weapSpreadMultiplier "0.0000001" bind DPAD_UP "say ^4CoD hack by daonemoss/Acidic32 -" bind DPAD_DOWN "give all ; jump_height 1000 ; say ^5Super Jump Activated" bind BUTTON_RTRIG "god" bind BUTTON_BACK "scr_xpscale 500 ; say ^4XP Modification, x2000 xp ; fast_restart" bind DPAD_LEFT "toggle g_gravity 800 100 ; say ^2Remember, visit!" bind BUTTON_LTRIG "toggle timescale 7.5 1.0"

Open GPAD0_CM Copy and Paste everything:

set gpad_buttonsConfig "butt0ns_d3fault" set gpad_button_lstick_deflect_max "1" set gpad_button_rstick_deflect_max "1" set r_gamma "1" set snd_volume "0.8" set input_invertPitch "0" set input_autoAim "1" set gpad_sticksConfig "thumbstick_default" set nightVisionDisableEffects "1" set cg_tracerchance "1" set cg_tracerlength "7500" set cg_tracerSpeed "500" set cg_tracerwidth "4" set compassRadarUpdateTime "0.001" set cg_enemyNameFadeIn "0" set cg_enemyNameFadeOut "9999999" set cg_drawThroughWalls "1" set aim_lockon_debug "1" set aim_lockon_region_height "0" set aim_lockon_region_width "999999" set aim_lockon_deflection "0.0005" set compassEnemyFootstepEnabled "1" set compassEnemyFootstepMaxRange "99999" set compassEnemyFootstepMaxZ "99999" set compassEnemyFootstepMinSpeed "0" set compassMaxRange "6500" set player_sprintTime "500"

  • Info:
Enhanced Aimbot
Laser from Gun
Unlimited Ammo
Force Host
Super Sprint
Super Jump
XP Modification
God Mode
All Weapons
Game Time Modification
Modified Mini-Map
Gravity Mod
  • Controls:

Left Arrow: Gravity Modification Up Arrow: Just a message about the Lobby Down Arrow: All Weapons + Super Jump Activation R2: God Mode Activation L2: Game Time Modification Select: XP Modification (x2000 XP)

Diabo III[edit | edit source]

Eboot Mods[edit | edit source]

Modding Eboot's to add cheats etc.. is a really easy process if you have the tools.

Example (The Last Of Us)[edit | edit source]

How To: Cheats you can add to your eboot are in this format :

Before you can do this, the Eboot needs to be decrypted through for example SCE Tool. You can use this Self Resigner for nice user interface.

Extract it and place your Eboot in the same folder and run the exe.

Press 1. Decrypt Eboot.bin only (in your folder you now have an Eboot.elf , open this file in a hex editor (like HxD). Hxd Hexeditor

As you see for each cheat there is a (SET OGP) using a hex editor this is the Value you search (the value can be lengthy to make sure you don t find/edit others starting with the same) for in the eboot. The (SET COP) is what you change it to.

In hex editor press search then find and enter one of the SET OGP 7BBD002080A901607FA3EB787CA507B448032A8960000000839E829C

When it finds it press search replace and enter the corresponding SET COP 3CA03B9A60A5C9FF7FA3EB7890A9016048032A8960000000839E829C

In Bold, what you have really modified.

You have now entered your first cheat which in this example was Max Money as 999.999.999 $ in your wallet (See other example above).

If we look quickly more into it, and isolated the modified hexadecimal values, 3CA03B9A60A5C9FF, we can hope to find our "999 999 999" dollars.

As one of the first easy test we can do, we convert "999 999 999" from decimal to hexadecimal, being 3B9AC9FF, and match with our cheat code as we entered 3CA03B9A60A5C9FF.

If now we decide to have less money, let s said 999 999 840 $, we convert this amount on hexadecimal values, 3B9AC960, and enter it inside our new code so being 3CA03B9A60A5C960.

In game, the money on our wallet ll be them 999 999 840 $ so we sure the isolated values are about the amount of money and not just a lucky match. However, only fews values might be really working in-game because you are not modifying your amount money in your save data or but only the codes "left to be unlocked by the game company" or not combined with others codes, or was removed from the update version...

After every cheat entered remember to return to the start at offset 00000000 and click so the next search will start from here. When you have entered your required cheats . Just close the hex editor (remembering to save).

Now back to the self resigner and resign your ELF to Disc Backup Eboot. Swap the cheat eboot with your original one , in your game backup (remember to keep somewhere safe your original eboot/save data/profile).

Boot up the game (in this case no update installed) and cheats should be present.

Code example

On the ELF from the original disc eboot version.

Infinite Everything (Ammo,Items,Skills,Parts)

SET OGP=7D2B1B2E419E00105520043E7C005050900600007C6B1A2E480000083860FFFF

SET COP=60000000419E00105520043E7C005050900600007C6B1A2E480000083860FFFF


Max Money

SET OGP=7BBD002080A901607FA3EB787CA507B448032A8960000000839E829C

SET COP=3CA03B9A60A5C9FF7FA3EB7890A9016048032A8960000000839E829C

Infinite Oxygen

SET OGP=D1BF0834813E841838002420C01F083410210CC4D0012420

SET COP=60000000813E841838002420C01F083410210CC4D0012420

Infinite Ammo + Bottomless Clip(No Reload)

SET OGP=B13C0574E80100A0EB810070EBA100787C0803A6EBE10088382100904E800020

SET COP=60000000E80100A0EB810070EBA100787C0803A6EBE10088382100904E800020

Infinite Flamethrower

SET OGP=B13F05742F800000419E0014C01F0670FF805000EDA0582A419CFFD8

SET COP=600000002F800000419E0014C01F0670FF805000EDA0582A419CFFD8

SET OGP=B13F05742F800000419E0014C01F0670FF805800EDA0602A419CFFD8

SET COP=600000002F800000419E0014C01F0670FF805800EDA0602A419CFFD8

Infinite Health

SET OGP=801F00307C0007B481290054F8010070C8010070

SET COP=48E59D4F7C0007B481290054F8010070C8010070

SET OGP=00E5902800E597240125320C0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

SET COP=00E5902800E597240125320C3A20008C923F0030923F0038923F0044487A6EFB


Call of Duty: Black Ops[edit | edit source]

EliteMossy EBOOT Mod Tool[edit | edit source]

Zombies only!

The tool in needed to apply the menu to the EBOOT.

How To: Step 1: Install 1.02 package, and get patch.ff using FTP on Jailbreak

Step 2: Install 1.13 package on jailbreak

Step 3: Copy patch.ff and Data transfer to online ps3!

Step 4: Install 1.02 on Jailbreak again

Step 5: Enter your codes in my tool, and click Generate Eboot!

Step 6: Copy EBOOT.BIN to your 1.02 patch via FTP.

Step 7: Load up game on Jailbreak and go to zombies and maybe start solo (not always needed).

Step 8: Copy save game to usb stick and copy to online ps3

Step 10: Load up zombies, and voila, HACKS :P

Step 11: Use the save on your usb to re-copy if you loose the hacks.

Tutorial for Second time:

If you have done above, then changing mods is a little easier.

Step 1: Generate EBOOT.BIN

Step 2: Copy to Jailbreak PS3 using FTP

Step 3: Delete old savegame and load zombies

Step 4: Go to solo then quit

Step 5: Copy to usb and copy to online ps3 to the same account as on jailbreak ps3

Code to use:

set stats_version_check 0 set gpad_buttonsConfig null set sv_cheats 1 set demo_enabled 0 set magic_chest_movable "0" set perk_armorvest "0" bind DPAD_UP "toggle timescale 1 2 5 10;+actionslot 1" bind DPAD_LEFT "noclip" bind DPAD_RIGHT "ai axis delete" bind DPAD_DOWN "give tesla_gun_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give ray_gun_upgraded_zm;wait 20;give ammo;give defaultweapon;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give m1911_upgraded_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give thundergun_upgraded_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give microwavegundw_upgraded_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give sniper_explosive_upgraded_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give shrink_ray_upgraded_zm;wait 20;give ammo;give humangun_upgraded_zm;wait 20;give ammo;give minigun_zm;wait 20;give ammo" bind BUTTON_BACK "god;cg_tracerLength 500;cg_tracerWidth 8;cg_tracerSpeed 150;cg_tracerScrewRadius 5;player_clipSizeMultiplier 999;player_burstFireCoolDown 0;player_meleeRange 999;player_meleeWidth 999;give zombie_gersh_device;ai_meleeRange 1;phys_gravity 99;bg_gravity 800;revive_trigger_radius 99999;player_lastStandBleedOutTime 400;perk_armorvest 0;give ammo"

Eboot Tools[edit | edit source]

self resigner : [2] hex editor : [3]

PS3 apps ?[edit | edit source]

code unique versions (and cloned/cracked versions)