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productcode: 1-871-645-11, 1-871-645-12, 1-871-645-13

Used in DECR-1000(A/J)


See above SKU page



labeling: Front Fan1 / Front Fan2 / Rear Fan1 / Rear Fan2 (same pinout)

  Pin # Name Description
  1 GND Ground
  2 PWM Control
  3 TACH Sense
  4 VCC +12V DC


subsection moved to ZSSR541iB page, please see there


CN1001 10p (CELL JTAG)[edit]

CN3101 14p (RSX Video Data In)[edit]

CN3102 2p (RSX Clock)[edit]

CN3302 8p (DVE FPGA Program)[edit]

CN3601 12p (Analog Audio Out, to TAM-520)[edit]

CN3701 20p (HDMI 1)[edit]

CN3801 20p (HDMI 0)[edit]

CN3901 3p (SPDIF)[edit]

CN3902 50p (Analog Video Out, to TAV-520)[edit]

CN4100 10p (Ethernet 0)[edit]

CN4101 10p (Ethernet 1)[edit]

CN4102 10p (Ethernet 2)[edit]

CN4204 15p (USB 0 1 2, to TUU-520)[edit]

CN4205 40p (PATA 0, to TBP-520)[edit]

CN4206 40p (PATA 1, to TBP-520)[edit]

CN4209 50p (Backplane Control, to TBP-520)[edit]

CN4301 160p (PCI + Control + ?, to TMR-520)[edit]

CN4304 10p (CP Ethernet)[edit]

CN4305 9p (CP Serial)[edit]

CN4306 31p (CP Out, to TCP-520)[edit]

CN4351 200p (PCIe)[edit]

CN4402 22p (SB Serial)[edit]

CN4403 120p (SB/SS2 EBUS)[edit]

CN6101 3p (Thermal Diode 1)[edit]

CN6102 3p (Thermal Diode 2)[edit]

CN6105 4p (CELL Fan)[edit]

CN6106 4p (RSX Fan)[edit]

CN6106 4p (Rear Fan 1)[edit]

CN6108 4p (Rear Fan 2)[edit]

CN6122 10p (Peripheral Control, to TUU-520)[edit]

CN6123 22p (SC Serial)[edit]

CN6504 10p (SC JTAG)[edit]

CN6507 40p (Front Panel, to TFP-520)[edit]

CN6508 5p (CELL SPI)[edit]

CN6509 5p (RSX SPI)[edit]

CN6510 5p (SB SPI)[edit]

CN6512 2p (BE ATTENTION)[edit]

CN6513 -> CN6532 + CN6534/CN6536 2p (Power Check/Inject)[edit]

CN6533/CN6535 8p (Power Control)[edit]

CN6538 4p (Front Fan)[edit]

CN7700 3p (Power Out)[edit]

CN7701 4p (Power Out)[edit]

CN7800 22p (Main Power In Left)[edit]

CN7801 24p (Main Power In Right)[edit]

CN9206 80p (WLAN I/F, to TWM-520)[edit]



  • F7800 (72V / 10A)
  • F7801 (72V / 10A)
  • F7810 (72V / 10A)


  • TH6001
  • TH7701
  • TH7702