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Description[edit | edit source]

PS3 development enviroment for windows, based on PSL1GHT, Tiny3D and PS3 Soundlib

Based on the work of Estwald, Marioga and other sceners and in libraries such as PSL1GHT, Tiny3D and PS3 Soundlib

PSDK3 aims to be a stable programming environment for PS3 homebrew under Windows, without external influences that threaten the integrity of the libraries, or the applications that are built with them, when someone decides to change everything, breaking the compatibility with the applications created with these libraries and causing a clear prejudice

Here the motto is "if something works, do not touch it", you can add things, but do not subtract or mess with the code.

What to do[edit | edit source]

Download the ZIP (by clicking in github green button). Create in root of C:\ the folder "PSDK3v2" and decompress inside the content of the zip (can be installed in other devices or directories changing the files Make*.bat if you prefer later)

Extract the file MinGW.7z (I use IZArc) and you will have the folder "MinGW" with the environment to run Make, etc.

In PSDK3v2\MinGW\msys\1.0\etc edit the file "profile" and at the end, where it tells export PS3SDK="/c/PSDK3v2" change the path by the path you want to use, if you want to launch the console (msys.bat) with the required environment variables.

Extract ps3dev.7z and you will have the folder "ps3dev" with PS3 compilers, the needed libraries already compiled and the utilities

What the project contains[edit | edit source]

MinGW: MinGW/MSYS environment specifically designed to work with PS3 tools.

Ps3dev: Contains compilers, compiled external libraries and other support tools, such as scetool for signing applications (replacing those for geohot), tools for creating packages as well as some necessary DLLs.

Psl1ght: Contains the psl1ght library already compiled

Libraries-src: Contains source codes for PSL1GHT, Tiny3D and PS3 Soundlib

Project: Contains the source codes of the examples and the .bat files to create the executables

Changing PSDK3v2 installation path[edit | edit source]

Additionally to the above mentioned changes in /etc/profile (to overlap console), if you edit the Make*.bat files and change the path by the corresponding route, will suffice:

set PS3SDK=/F/PSDK3v2 set WIN_PS3SDK=F:/PSDK3v2

Compiling[edit | edit source]

Make_clean.bat: Deletes all compiled files except .pkg

Make_SELF.bat: Creates a .self signed with keys 3.40 (via scetool)

Make_EBOOT.BIN.bat: Creates the application's self NPDRM EBOOT.BIN. This is useful if you update via FTP an already installed .pkg

Make_PKG.bat: Creates the .pkg to install the application.

Other info[edit | edit source]

The "scetool" requires a file with keys that uses a relative path. That is why the "fake_scetool" utility has been included to support it.

Ppu_rules has been suitably modified to use this application. By default, it contains the keys in "SCETOOL_FLAGS". It can be overloaded by defining with SCETOOL_FLAGS: = and adding more parameters with SCETOOL_FLAGS + =. The 3.40 keys work on the CFWs we use and that's why I have chosen them.

The reference Makefiles are in the project/sample examples. In particular, "fireworks3D" is an example of how to use Tiny3D and PS3 Soundlib together and the needed libraries

I hope these tools are useful to you in your projects.

regards (estwald)