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Structure[edit | edit source]

32byte (0x20) sequence, in flash at offset 0x80870+0x81BD0 (NAND) / 0x303D0 (NOR), seems to be based on IDPS followed by PSID

Name length Example Notes
unknown 0x4 00 00 00 01 IDPS
Product Code 0x2 00 84
SKU 0x2 00 01
Chassis 0x2 04 00
unknown 0x6 f3 44 ac 4f 8d 2f
unknown 0x10 00000000000000000000000000000000 perhaps OpenPSID,
or NP Account ID in case 00's could mean all accounts

example of use for Console ID instead of PSID for consolebans: File:PSN BAN.png

People used to zerofill their IDPS(e.g. F*ckPSN) to avoid console ban or to return on PSN with a banned console. This method was patched by Sony though.

The way i know it:

  • Console ID = IDPS (PSID as treated by flatz) + PSID (Open PSID as treated by flatz)
  • Console ID = IDPS (IDP and DeviceID as treated by KaKaRoTo) + PSID (PSID as treated by KaKaRoTo)

Another way to look at them:

  • Console ID = IDPS (Network PSID, used for online tasks) + PSID (Local PSID, used for offline tasks as example linking hdd backups and gamesaves to the console)

Examples[edit | edit source]