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Acronym for: Optical Drive Emulator

SKU differences[edit]

Model Controller Sniffing/Injecting Exploitable 3K3Y FAT Cobra Cobra QSV 3ks R E3 ODE Pro Stone ODE Matrix ODDE
CECHA up to CECHK on daugtherboard via wide Yes Y Y N N N N N
CECHL up to CECHQ on daugtherboard via small Yes N Y N N N N N
CECH-2000 up to CECH-2100 on daugtherboard via small Yes N Y N Y Y Y N
CECH-2500 on motherboard on motherboard Some N Y Y Y Y Y Y
CECH-3000 on motherboard on motherboard No N Y Y Y Y Y Y
CECH-4000 on motherboard on motherboard No N Y Y Y Y Y Y
CECH-4200 on motherboard on motherboard No N Y Y Y Y Y Y
CECH-4300 on motherboard on motherboard No N Y Y Y Y Y Y






3K3Y ripper

mounted between SATA/PATA connector and Bluray Drive thus emulating drive, using drivekeys obtained on exploitable consoles

3K3Y ripper - Components[edit]

U1 : JM20337 (Hi-Speed USB to SATA & PATA Combo Bridge) 64-pin LQFP[edit]

Product page: http://www.jmicron.com/JM20337.html

note: pin34 4.7K (472) resistor present (R6) - might need removing (to solve corruption errors, when applicable)

X1 : 12.000 (12MHz crystal)[edit]
VR1: AX1117 (low drop regulator)[edit]


  • 3k3y Keydumper v1.00 - outputs to first available device in root of USB Mass Storage device or /dev_hdd0/tmp/3Dump.bin
  • 3k3y Ripper v1.02 - Windows software for ripping/decrypting/reencrypting PS3 disks, including PDF user manual.



3k3y - mainboard - PATA


3KS ODE - driveboard

3KS ODE - 20xx series daughterboard


Cobra ODE Main Board[edit]

Cobra ODE Main Board

Cobra ODE Daughter Board[edit]

Cobra Drive Motor Controller Board[edit]

Cobra ODE DMC module

3ks R[edit]

aka: 3K3Y ODDE Ultra Slim

E3 ODE Pro[edit]

E3 ODE Pro run a version of embedded Linux from Freescale company. I had figured out that the lazy E3 team forgot to disable debug interface "Serial" from ODE board, so you can fully control what ODE do from this. I had dumped the full boot log from E3 ODE and its clones "Matrix ODE, Stone ODE, Modbo ODE", you can see it here E3 ODE Bootlog - 'Abkarino'

Stone ODE[edit]

http://www.stone-ode.com/ -> http://web20522.w106.vhost001.cn/index.html

Matrix ODDE[edit]


IRD / Keys[edit]