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Initially released as Folding@Home and later superceeded by Life with Playstation is an application for the PS3, installed in the XMB:Network column Network

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  • Live Channel - provides dynamic content organized by city. The content provided includes news, live camera feeds, cloud data and weather.
  • Folding@home Channel - provides the protein-folding simulation in real time.
  • PlayStation Network Game Trailers Channel (LWP1.2)
  • World Heritage by α CLOCK channel (LWP1.1)


Life with Playstation 1.22[edit]

Last version: On November 6th 2012, Sony terminated the services available through Life with PlayStation® application (When launching the apps, only a message is display to thanks the users and how to quit the apps by pressing the PS button)

Life with Playstation 1.2[edit]

  • Added support for video playback.
  • Added support for photo slideshows.
  • Exclusive content for PlayStation®3 System owners in the US: PlayStation®Network Game Trailers Channel is now available.

Note: Videos are now available in the United Village channel with this update.

Life with Playstation 1.1[edit]

  • Added support for adding and removing channels dynamically.
  • Added a local time display in the LIVE CHANNEL.
  • Updated Mood categories for automatic music selection.
  • Added support to enable Folding@home Expert Mode which disables all other channels and features that may impact simulation performance. Folding@home Expert Mode can be activated by navigating to: Options > General Settings > Folding@home.

Life with Playstation 1.0[edit]

  • Added PSP remote play
  • Added "main selector menu" with functions separated in plugins .sprx dependant of .xml setting files
  • ???

Folding@Home 0.9[edit]

  • Only Folding@Home
  • ???



Setting Auto-Start (this option might not be available anymore since FW 4.30)

Life with PlayStation® will be started automatically if the PS3™ system has been idle for 
a certain amount of time. Select (Life with PlayStation®) under (Network), press the button, and then  
select [Auto- Start] from the options menu.
Off 	Set not to automatically start Life with PlayStation®.
After 10 minutes 	Start Life with PlayStation® after 10 minutes.
After 20 minutes 	Start Life with PlayStation® after 20 minutes.
After 30 minutes 	Start Life with PlayStation® after 30 minutes.
Hint [Auto-Start] is disabled when the PS3™ system is not connected to the Internet.

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