Boot Memory Type

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Type Device ID Part Number Remarks
0 -- -- Any NAND flash chip
0x100 0x7E0201 S29JL064 CEB type
0x110 0x7E1200 S29GL128M CEB type
0x111 0x7E2101 MX29GL128 / S29GL128 Can be Spansion or Macronix chip
0x120 0x7E1201 S29GL256M CEB type
0x190 0x7E0601 K8Q2815UQB Samsung chip
0x1A0 0x7E6660 K8P2716UZC Samsung chip
0x1A1 -- -- Any Nor chip with valid CFI table
0x200 -- -- Any Nor chip with invalid CFI table
  • Note: Boot Memory Type was added on 1.97 so it didn't exist on CEB models