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Description[edit | edit source]

XMB In-Game Background Music was implemented in firmware 2.40

Activated by a flag in the ATTRIBUTE of PARAM.SFO inside the game disc or inside the .pkg installation folder, see PARAM.SFO. Has to be allowed by game developer via cellSysutilEnableBgmPlayback.

  • Compatibility notes:
    • XMB In-Game Background Music enables a SPU (inside CELL) that runs an specific thread to play the music independently of the other game threads (is a feature of the firmware, not of the game), enabling XMB In-Game Background Music "unnofficially" for a game where it was not intended could be a problem for some games that makes an intensive usage of SPU's

Alternative enabling methods[edit | edit source]

Enabling the flag in PARAM.SFO[edit | edit source]

See: PARAM.SFO#Replacing_a_PARAM.SFO_manually

  • Limitations:

After editing the SFO, you should not have anymore the XMB message saying "Music content cannot be played during use of this game" and you ll be able to listen to your music. However you can also have a message will start later, in this case,the utility might not work correctly.

  • Reasons (speculation):

Conflict with others system utility (E.G.:system chat voice, recording utility used on fews titles such PAIN, ), Network/Trophy ID (i.e. NPRWRTBOX_00) needed maybe, eboot compiled with old SDK or others restrictions (?)

  • Enabled Homebrew

MultiMan and Rebug Toolbox both have in game music with sfo attributes A5 00 00 00 retroarch also works after adding these attributes.

Other: On PS Vita PKG:

Facebook (gdc):
00 80 00 00
LiveTweet (gdc):
00 80 00 00
Skype (gdc):
00 80 04 00
Musicunlimited (gdc):
88 90 0E 00
Torne (gdc)
00 00 80 81
For Torne: http://www.psdevwiki.com/vita/index.php?title=System_File_Object_(SFO)_(PSF)

Note: for Torne, it could have been a typo from the source.

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Game Compatibility[edit | edit source]