Network Loading of lv1ldr and above executables

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Trick Info[edit | edit source]

This can ONLY be done on a DECR-1000!
SC EEPROM 0x48C00 needs to be 0x00
Then you just use the lcnslsrv tool from the SDK.
lcnslsrv (-at or -merge) -ip <ip> -hd <path to your files>
Connect before starting the DECR and only disconnect after it has been turned off, else you break things, like not turning on, requiring a cp patch.
You can also add -g at the end to see the file transfers.

Patch Info[edit | edit source]

lcnslsrv only starts working the second time you're connecting if the lcn mode is set to auto (standard for newer cp fws)
So connect with lcnslsrv and power cycle the DECR one time, the second time it'll work until you reset the CP.
  • hxxps://