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GL852 USB-Hub 64-pin as seen on CECHCxx
64pin LQFP
Genesys GL852-MSG02-MT
48pin QFN
Genesys GL852

GL852-MSG02-MT (USB-Hub 64pin)[edit | edit source]

Part Number: 6-806-862-01 / IC3305

Pin Name 64 Pin# 48Pin# I/O Type Description
DM0,DP0 3,4 3,4 B USB signals for USPORT
DM1,DP1 8,9 5,6 B USB signals for DSPORT1
DM2,DP2 14,15 9,10 B USB signals for DSPORT2
DM3,DP3 25,26 17,18 B USB signals for DSPORT3
DM4,DP4 31,32 21,22 B USB signals for DSPORT4
RREF 17 11 B A 680Ω resister must be connected between RREF and analog ground (AGND).
OVCUR1#~4 56,54,42,40 42,40,30,28 I
Active low. Over current indicator for DSPORT1~4 OVCUR1# is the only over current flag for GANG mode.
PWREN1#~4 57,55,43,41 43,41,31,29 O Active low. Power enable output for DSPORT1~4
PWREN1# is the only power-enable output for GANG mode.
GREEN1~4 60,48,44,34 45,35,32,23 1,3,4: O
2: B
Green LED indicator for DSPORT1~4
*GREEN[1~2] are also used to access the external EEPROM. For detailed information, please refer to Chapter 5.
AMBER1~4 61,49,45,35 46,36,33,24 O
Amber LED indicator for DSPORT1~4
*Amber [1~2] are also used to access the external EEPROM
PSELF 50 37 I 0: GL852 is bus-powered.
1: GL852 is self-powered.
53 39 B This pin is default put in input mode after power-on reset. Individual/gang mode is strapped during this period. After the strapping period, this pin will be set to output mode, and then output high for normal mode. When GL852 is suspended, this pin will output low. *For detailed explanation, please see Chapter 5

Gang input:1, output: 0@normal, 1@suspend
Individual input:0, output: 1@normal, 0@suspend

X1 20 14 I 12MHz crystal clock input.
X2 21 15 O 12MHz crystal clock output.
RESET# 38 26 I Active low. External reset input, default pull high 10KΩ. When RESET# = low, whole chip is reset to the initial state.
TEST 39 27 I
0: Normal operation.
1: Chip will be put in test mode.
AVDD 11,18,22,28,64 1,7,12,16,19 P 3.3V analog power input for analog circuits.
AGND 1,12,19,23,29 2,8,13,20 P Analog ground input for analog circuits.
DVDD 37,47,52,59 25,34,38,44,48 P 3.3V digital power input for digital circuits
DGND 36,46,51,58,62 47 P Digital ground input for digital circuits.
NC 2,5~7,10,13,16,24,27,30,33 - - No connection
 O     Output 
 I     Input 
 B     Bi-directional 
 B/I   Bi-directional, default input 
 B/O   Bi-directional, default output 
 P     Power / Ground 
 A     Analog 
 SO    Automatic output low when suspend
 pu    Internal pull up 
 pd    Internal pull down 
 odpu  Open drain with internal pull up

GL852 (USB-Hub 64pin)[edit | edit source]

  • Used in PS3 models:
    • CECHCxx, CECHExx (with COK-002 motherboard)
    • Probably same pinout than GL852-MSG02-MT other words the same part number

GL852 (USB-Hub 48pin)[edit | edit source]