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Toshiba TC7WP3125FK[edit | edit source]

TOSLINK Output circuit - Optical Audio

IC2501 6-710-429-01 TC7WP3125FK - 1.5V to 3.3V levelshifter

Part number: 6-710-429-01 ( IC2501 )

  • The output voltages depends of the input voltages
    • Is a 1.5V>3.3V level shifter (by the RS_SPDO0->RS_SPDO0_33 and HDMI_INT signals)
    • Or a 1.5V>1.8V level shifter (by the PCLKEN signal from PS2 bridge CXD9208GP)

See: Optical

Used also as a switch for some PS2 power lines, see CXD9208GP (and the PCLKEN control signal)