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Panasonic MN66840[edit | edit source]

Panasonic MN66840 TSOP 80 (4x20)

This component seems to be a straightforward NOR to eMMC adapter, as can be seen in the photo there are 2 rows of (unpopulated) solder pads at top and bottom of this chip. That pads are intended to solder the classic NOR flash chip, but instead of it has been directly replaced by the panasonic chip. Also, in the photo it can be seen how the pads for the missing NOR are directly connected with the pins of the panasonic chip

It seems the pinout of the top and bottom rows of the panasonic chip is mostly a 1:1 copy of the pinout of an standard NOR chip
The other left and right rows of pins in the panasonic chip probably are directly connected with the eMMC chip but that lines are not visibles because are hidden in internal layers of the motherboard, as can be seen in the photos published in KLMAG2GE4A-A001

All the retail PS3 SuperSlim motherboards (7 models documented so far) have this "dual" circuit that allowed sony to install optionally either a classic NOR chip... or the combo MN66840 (soldered in the position of the NOR chip) + KLMAG2GE4A-A001 (moved to a different position in the motherboard)

No datasheet available/found