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DECR-1000 Perspective view

DECR-1000(A/J)[edit | edit source]

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Submodels DECR-1000A / DECR-1000J
Type 0x01
Motherboard TMU-520
Flash Storage 2x 256MB NAND
CELL BE / RSX 90nm / 90nm
South Bridge CXD2973AGB-4
Syscon CXR713F120A-101GB
CP TCP-520
BDemu Harddrive 400GB
GameOS Harddrive 400GB
Bluray Drive YES - 303R
HDMI Ports 2
OtherOS NO (but can be patched)
USB Ports 6 (4 + 2 extra)
GbLAN Ports 4 (1 for debugger)
Serial Ports 1 (hidden next to DEV LAN port)
Flash Readers Yes
PS2 mode NO (No Emotion Engine or Graphic Synthesizer on the motherboard, no ps2emu software in the official firmware)
PS1 mode NO (No ps1emu software in the official firmware)
WiFi802.11b/g YES
Antenna Hitachi Cable HET01-SO01
SKU Release date June, 2006
downgradeable Min. praxis 084.001
(b07 RSX)
(since 1/2009)
Other contains prototype components, hardware is identical to DEH-R1040.
Power Supply Nichihon ZSSR541iB
  • input: AC 100-240V 9.5-4A 50/60Hz (950-960 Watt)
  • DC+5V(Sub) 1.6A (8 W)
  • DC+3.3V 23A (75.9 W)
  • DC+5V 8.2A (41 W)
  • DC+12V 31.2A (374.4 W)

Boards[edit | edit source]

Motherboard[edit | edit source]

TMU-520 1-871-645-11, 1-871-645-12, 1-871-645-13 - Mainboard

SubBoards[edit | edit source]

BMD-001 1-871-575-11 - Blu-ray drive controller board
TAM-520 1-871-636-11 - Analog 4-ch. audio output
TAV-520 1-871-635-11 - Analog AV out
TBP-520 1-871-644-11 - Backplane for 2x SATA HDD + BD
TCP-520 1-871-646-11 - Communication Processor board
TEJ-520 1-871-641-11 - HDD Activity/Eject board
TFL-520 1-871-638-11 - Front Panel LEDboard (GPI/GPO/Reset/Start...)
TFP-520 1-871-640-11 - Front Panel Switchboard (GPI/GPO/Reset/Start...)
TMR-520 1-871-647-11 - CP-helper board
TMW-520 0-347-825-02 - Bt/Wifi board
TSA-520 1-871-639-11 - BD PATA->SATA adapter
TUU-520 1-871-643-11 - Front I/O (Foot-Sw/USB/CardReader)

Pictures[edit | edit source]

Links[edit | edit source]

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