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Removed functionality[edit | edit source]

Things that Sony removed in the lifetime of the console

Preretail era[edit | edit source]

  • Early development tools had 256bit local memory and 16 ROPs for GPU, later RSX had only 128bit local memory and 8 ROPs.
  • E3-2005:
    • Tri GbLAN, first retail only had one GbLAN port.
    • Dual HDMI. first retail only had one HDMI port.
    • RSX as 550MHz with GDDR 700MHZ but retail release got RSX downclocked to 500 MHz and its GDDR downclocked to 650MHz.
    • 4 front USB ports and 2 back USB ports, this was cut back to 4 and later to 2 USB ports (CECHG and later only have 2 ports)  hackable 
    • Showed the boomerang controller, later to become the sixaxis which dropped vibration feedback.
  • PS3 presented not as gameconsole but a multi computer (later revoked by removing OtherOS).
  • Folding At Home -> Life With PlayStation.
  • Sony announcing legal actions against parallel import.

Retail era[edit | edit source]

  • libMPEG exploit patched
  • MPEG4 Exploit patched
  • OtherOS RSX access patched since 2.10
  • Resistance: Fall of Man exploit
  • DEX HDD swap trick patched
  • Blu Ray Java homebrew
  • SACD (removed CECHG and later)
  • DSD-to-DTS
  • (open)Remoteplay
  • PS2 hardware compatibility (CECHC/E with software and CECHG and later without any PS2 compatibility) ( hackable  softwaremode only)
  • OtherOS (slim and superslim models with any version - as well as any ps3 model with FW > 3.15) ( hackable  AsbestOS + OtherOS++)
  • Memorycardreader (CECHG and later do not have a memorycardreader)  hackable 
  • Downgrading (2.x added CoreOS hashes in Syscon, thus preventing downgrades)  hackable 
  • Servicemode JIG/PS Downgrade/PSgrade/psfServiceMod (3.55 blocked it , revoked and changed since 3.60)
  • PSjailbreak/PSgroove/PSfreedom/PL3 (3.42 and higher)
  • metldr exploit (patched in newer hardware revisions with metldr.2 and hardcoded minver checks)

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