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Detailed info on non-retail PS3 Models and their naming, based on the SKU (stock-keeping unit) string/number.

CEB Series[edit | edit source]

Informational Tip
These units were given to developers until the DEH-R10xx series was available, with the exception of the CEB-202x.

They feature either one or two standard ATX PSUs and optional a HDD/Optical Drive for internal use.
There's no support for a Cardreader, Wifi, Bluetooth or PS2 Emulation. All units do have one Gb-LAN port, either two or four USB ports and one or two serial ports.

All models since at least the CEB-203x do use the CXR713F120A Syscon.
Codename Board CELL BE 90nm XDR RAM South Bridge Flash GPU (Nvidia)
PCIe x4
VRAM (GDDR3) Video Ports Debug Interface Case external FW @
CEB-1000 ~ 2004 Shreck ? 2.4GHz DD1.2 256MB DX1.0 ? NV45GL "Quadro FX 3400"
(Type A, SS)
1x DVI-A, 1x HDTV component IFB (PCI) Rectangular, ~size of an endtable ? Dual PSU's; 2/4 USB Ports; 1 RS-232 Port; Manual Update Mechanism (Flash SW)
CEB-1020 ~ 2005 ? 512MB ? NV40 "GeForce 6800 Ultra"
(Type B, SS)
? Dual PSU's; 4 USB Ports; 1 RS-232 Port; Manual Update Mechanism (Flash SW)
CEB-2000 Feb, 2005 ?Cytology? ? 256MB ? Bulky, ~4U in height 020.021 2 USB Ports; 1 RS-232 Port; Manual Update Mechanism (Flash SW)
CEB-201x May, 2005 Cytology ? 2.4GHz DD2.0 DX2.0 8MB NOR for Lv0, Updater, etc. + 256MB NAND for OS (ROS) CP (like PS2 SBC) 030.014 2 USB Ports; 2 RS-232 Ports (final I/O); Manual Update Mechanism (Flash SW)
CEB-202x June, 2005 ? ?256MB? NV47 "GeForce 7800 GTX"
(Type C0, ?SS?)
?2x DVI-A, 1x HDTV component? CP (?like PS2 SBC?) 030.017 Manual Update Mechanism (Flash SW); For internal use
CEB-203x July, 2005 MPU-501 512MB NV47 "Quadro FX 4500"
(Type C, DS)
256bit 512MB 2x DVI-A, 1x HDTV component CP (CEB Debug I/F) 040.001 Manual Update Mechanism (Flash SW)
CEB-204x Sep, 2005 ? 3.2GHz DD3.0 040.010 Auto Update Mechanism (Lv0 reboot)
CEB-205x Oct, 2005 ? 3.2GHz DD3.1 040.013 Auto Update Mechanism (Lv0 reboot)
CEB-206x Oct, 2005 ? DX3.0 040.013 Auto Update Mechanism (Lv0 reboot)

Note: The serial ports are used for the South Bridge and Syscon UART.

Pictures: CEB-1000, CEB-1020, CEB-2030, CEB-2040, CEB-2040, CEB-2040, CEB-2050, CEB-2050, CEB-2050, CEB-2050

DEH-R10xx Series[edit | edit source]

Informational Tip
These models are succeeded by the DECR-1000 and do share a similar case, I/O ports and functionality with it.
Like the DECR-1000, these do all use the CXR713F120A Syscon.
Codename Board CELL BE 90nm RAM South Bridge Flash GPU
VRAM Bluray Drive CP FW @
DEH-R100x(B) Dec, 2005 Cytology 2.2 TMU-510 3.2GHz DD3.1 512MB DX3.1 ?512MB NAND? RSX Prototype (A01) 128bit 256MB Prototype
TCP-510 060.004 Old Flash Format
Jan/Feb, 2006 RSX Prototype (A02) 081.003 Old Flash Format
First units to support the optional, internal PS2 Emulation subsystem.
DEH-R103x(B) Mar, 2006 Cytology 3.1 TMU-520 DX3.2 512MB NAND RSX (B01/B02) TCP-520 083.002 New Flash Format
Coaxial Bluetooth Controller supported
DEH-R104x Apr/June, 2006 Cytology 3.2 RSX (B01/B02/B03) Final
084.001 First unit with a slot loaded drive, Wifi controller and BD EMU HDD.
Hardware is identical to the DECR-1000

Pictures: DEH-R1000, DEH-R1030, DEH-R1030, DEH-R1030, DEH-R1030, DEH-R1040

RSX clock:

SDK <= 085.015 (MHz) SDK >= 090.002 (MHz)
420 (core) / 600 (mem)
500 (core) / 600 (mem) 500 (core) / 650 (mem)

DECR Series[edit | edit source]

Type Board CELL BE Syscon SB Flash RSX HDMI Ports GameOS HDD BDemu HDD USB
CP Flash
DECR-1000A/J June, 2006 0x01 TMU-520 90nm CXR713F120A-101GB CXD2973AGB-4 2x 256MB NAND 90nm 2 (NO CEC) 400GB 400GB 4 + 2 extra 4 (1 for dbg.) NO TCP-520 YES YES 084.001
(b07 RSX)
(since Jan, 2009)
1 RS-232 port;
identical to DEH-R1040;
Antenna: Hitachi Cable HET01-SO01;
DECR-1400A/J June, 2009 0x09 DEB-001 65nm CXR714120-302GB CXD2984AGB 1x 16MB NOR 65nm 1 (NO CEC) 160 GB - 4 2 (1 for dbg.) NO (via SB) NO YES 260.001 same case like a retail PS3;
PSU: APS-231

Differences between the 1000 and 1400:

  • DECR-1000:
    • No offical OtherOS support.
    • Gb-DEVLAN is connected to the Communication Processor
    • The serial port is also connected to the Communication Processor
    • With a pre ?0.93? bootrom you do have two HDMI outputs.
    • Not all DECR-1000's are equal! Despite Sony's documentation claiming otherwise, DECR-1000 units with RSX rom version b07 and above such as refurbished/serviced units (and perhaps some others that have not been encountered) are not capable of running firmware lower than 1.60 (from sdk 160.008). This is because the rom version is unknown/unsupported in older lv1 which will fail to initialize the RSX hardware and will cause lv1 to output a "rsx rom abort!" message, this will in turn create an exception early in lv2 boot process as it tries to use the RSX and creates a hard brick resulting in several RSX related errors such as "lv2(2): # __rsxaudio_intr_create_thread 983 ffffffff" or "graphics error 512 : 00012625 c221bbb0" ; "lv2(2): page fault handler (DSI): invalid access address 0x795d00e8!".
  • DECR-1400:
    • Supports OtherOS until firmware 320.001.
    • You cannot use Performance monitoring functions (libperf, libprof, tuner for PS3)
      • for SPU: PC sampling, Performance counters, Bookmark, RAW SPU support
      • for RSX: Signal Trace, User Events.
    • DECI3 is limited to one protocol and a data exchange size of 65535 bytes.
    • The two GbLAN´s share the same MAC ID and cannot be used in the same network segment.
    • Gb-DEVLAN is connected to South Bridge.

Debug/AV Tool/Arcade/DTCP-IP Debugger Models[edit | edit source]

Informational Tip
Debugging Stations and AV Testing Tools have the same hardware as retail units, the only thing's that differ are the HDMI encoder IC and the Blu-ray drive configuration. Additionally, all units except for the DECHA and DECHJ variants also feature a Kensington lock on the rear unlike retail models.

Arcade units are missing the Wifi/BT subsystem and Blu-ray drive, and are housed in a big clunky square box and have Jamma (JVS) I/O.

DTCP-IP Debugger consoles unique features are mainly DTCP-IP Debugging which comes in the way of video play debug, e.g. when video is being played either through the XMB or through a media server.
Debug Model  DEX [1] AV Testing Tool Model  AV TEST [2] Arcade Model  ARC [3] DTCP-IP Debugger Model  DTCP-IP [4] Retail Model  CEX 
n/a n/a Namco System 357A (GECR-1100) ? CECHCxx
n/a n/a Namco System 357B/C (GECR-1500) ? CECHLxx
DECH-2000A/J n/a n/a ? CECH-20xx
DECH-2500A/J DECH-S2500A/J Namco System 369 (GECR-2500(CU1)) ? CECH-25xx
DECH-3000A/J DECH-S3000A/J n/a DECH-3000A/J CECH-30xx
DECH-4000A/J A/B DECH-S4000A/J A/B n/a ? CECH-40xx
DECH-4200A/J A/B DECH-S4200A/J A/B n/a ? CECH-42xx
DECH-4300A/J A DECH-S4300A/J A n/a ? CECH-43xx

The minimal downgradable praxis is the same like on retail units, but differs due to available firmwares for the specific target (earlier or later).
The debug specific menu and non retail features can be seen on the Dex Options page.

  1. A 'S' suffix can be attached to the second part of the SKU number to indicate the unit is specifically for trade shows. E.g. DECH-2500AS. There won't be a TEST logo on top to visually resemble a retail unit. It is however, functionality wise still a debug unit.
  2. Quote from The PlayStation 3 AV Testing Tool hardware is available for companies to purchase to test BD movie discs on PS3 before replication and development for advanced features on the Blu-ray Disc format.
  3. GECR (arcade) model numbers are mentioned @
  4. Also see: 1, 2, 3

Pictures: DECHA00A, DECH-2000A, DECH-2000A, DECH-2000AS, DECH-2000AS, DECH-2500A Package, DECH-3000A, DECH-3000A, DECH-4000AA, DECH-4000AA

Prototype Models[edit | edit source]

Prototype SKU
Board Corresponding
mass-produced Model
other than the ones listed in the board/prototype pages
CEB-9000 Nov, 2005 ? DEH-R1000
CBEH-1000-D July/Aug, 2006 COOKIE-13 CECHA00 "This sample is equivalent to mass-produced items" [1]
CBEH-1004-G 2006 COK-001 (Prototype) CECHA04 ? [2]
CBEH-B1004-A ?2007? ? ? ? [3]
CBEH-B1104-B 2007 ? CECHC04 ? [4]
CBEH-1401 Jan, 2008 ? CECHJ01 ? [5]
CBEH-F1501-B 2008 ? CECHL01 ? [6]
CBEH-F1506ZF-C 2008 ? CECHL06 ?
CBEH-2001(B) Mar, 2009 ? CECH-2001(B) ? [7]
CBEH-H2001(B) Dec, 2009 SURTEES-03 CECH-2101(B) BD drive: [8] [9]
CBEH-H2004(B) Dec, 2009 SURTEES-03 CECH-2104(B) ? [10]
CBEH-J2008-E 2010 ? CECH-2508 ? [11]
CBEH-NH01K-E 2013 ?NPX-001 (Prototype)? ?CECH-4001C? ?
DEH-Z1010 2006 ?TMU-510? - based on DEH-R1010
DEH-H1001-D June, 2006 COOKIE-13 DECHA00A DEH-H1000A-D, "This sample is equivalent to mass-produced items"
DEH-H1000A/J(S)-E August, 2006 COK-001 (Prototype) DECHA00A/J(S) non-show model has also no TEST label
DEH-BH1100A(Z)-B 2007 ? DECHC00A ?
DEH-H2000A(S) Jan, 2008 ? DECHJ00A(S) ? [12]
DEH-S2000A Jan, 2008 ? DECHSJ00A ? [13]
DEH-FH1500J-A Apr, 2008 VERTIGO-02 DECHL00J prototype BD drive
DEH-FH1500J-B 2008 ? DECHL00J ? [14]
DEH-R1400A Dec, 2008 ? DECR-1400A ? [15]
DEH-GH2000JS-D ?2009? ? DECH-2000JS ? [16]
DEH-H2500A(S) Mar, 2009 ? DECH-2000A(S) ? [17]
DEH-MH00AK-G 2012 MPX-001 (Prototype) DECH-4000AA final hardware (excluding the case)
DEH-ML00AK-G 2012 MPX-001 (Prototype) DECH-4000AA final hardware (excluding the case)
DEH-NH00AK-E 2013 ?NPX-001 (Prototype)? ? ?
DEH-NL00AK-G 2013 ?NPX-001 (Prototype)? ? ?
DEH-PH00AK-J ? PPX-00x or PQX-00x  ? DECH-42xx See: DEH-PH00AK-J

Prototype model names[edit | edit source]

Group - Chassis Type Series Region Region Special - Revision

Part Explanation
Group CBEH: Consumer
DEH: Developer
Region CBEH:
see SKU Regioning
DEH: always 00
Region only DEH
A: America
J: Japan
Revision A: First Revision
G: later revision
See also Chassis ID
Chassis Explanation
A A(')-chassis (Fat 10)
B B(')-chassis (Fat 11)
C C-chassis (Fat 12)
D D-chassis (Fat 13)
E E-chassis (Fat 14)
F F-chassis (Fat 15)
G G-chassis (Slim 20)
H H-Chassis (Slim 21)
J J-Chassis (Slim 25)
K K-Chassis (Slim 30)
L* L-Chassis (Superslim 40 NOR)
M* M-Chassis (Superslim 40 eMMC)
N* N-Chassis (Superslim 40 NOR v2)
O* O-Chassis (Superslim 40 eMMC v2)
P* P-Chassis (Superslim 42 NOR)
Q* Q-Chassis (Superslim 42 eMMC)
R* R-Chassis (Superslim 43 NOR)
S* S-Chassis (Superslim 43 eMMC)
* = needs full verification
Type Explanation
B ?Adv QA flagged?
only DEH:
H Debugging Station
L ?Similar to H?
R Reference Tool
S AV Testing Tool
Z System Debugger
Special Explanation Restriction
A Small storage capacity only Slim 20 and later
B Medium storage capacity only Slim 20 and later
B Blu-ray drive installed only DEH-R10xx and DEH-Z10xx
C Big storage capacity only Superslim 40 and later
F ? ?
K ? ?
S Exhibition (no TEST logo) only DEH-H
Z ?SD Features?
(More than one allowed)

Example: DEH-GH2000JS-D


  • Chassis, Series, Special and Revision are optional, but either Chassis or Series has to be present
  • Type is mandatory for DEH
  • The Series does not always specify the obvious model type (e.g. DEH-H2000A = DECHJ00A)
    • But it's possible to deduce the model type from the Chassis
  • Early prototypes (CEB, DEH-R10xx) used sometimes GX or RX (where X is a positive, small number) instead of the - Revision suffix