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AIM (Appliance Info Manager) is a Process socket service supported by the hypervisor (lv1).

It is used to retrieve the IDPS, Target ID, Open PSID and PS Code from the EID0 data that is passed in.

Responsible is the isolated SPU module aim_spu_module.self from CoreOS / Flash.

This service is accessible from GameOS via syscall 867 and requires 0x40 Root flag (Capability Flags) set in Plaintext Capability Header.

internally loaded@ss_server2.fself
Function Id : 0x19000
Port:	      0x24

0x19000 - AIM

Packet ID Description Lv1 Parameter Usage Lv2Syscall Parameter notes
0x19002 Get Device Type uint8_t out[0x10]
0x19003 Get Device ID uint8_t out[0x10]
0x19004 Get PS Code uint8_t out[0x8]
0x19005 Get Open PS ID uint8_t out[0x10]
0x19006 Unknown void

0x19002 - Get Device Type

0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x85

calling from GameOS:

struct ss_aim_get_device_type {
    u8 field0[16];

int cellSsAimGetDeviceType(out:uint8[0x10]);

0x19003 - Get Device ID

  • Returns the console's IDPS.
0x00 0x00 0x00 0x01 0x00 0x89 0x00 0x0B 0x14 0x00 0xEF 0xDD 0xCA 0x25 0x52 0x66  .....‰....ïÝÊ%Rf

calling from GameOS:

struct ss_aim_get_device_id {
    u8 idps[16];

int cellSsAimGetDeviceId(out:uint8[0x10]);

0x19004 - Get PS Code

calling from GameOS:

struct ss_aim_get_ps_code {
    u8 field0[8];

int cellSsAimGetPsCode(out:uint8[8]);

0x19005 - Get Open PS ID

calling from GameOS:

struct ss_aim_get_open_ps_id {
    u8 field0[16];

int cellSsAimGetOpenPsId(out:uint8[0x10])

0x19006 - unkonwn

  • Usage found in bdp_BDVD for example... with 1 param (= 0)
  • Seems to be handled by lv2_kernel, not AIM itself.
  • It looks up for qa-flag (if flagged, sets token seed to an lv2 internal buffer), fself flag & device_id.

calling from GameOS:

int syscall(867, 0x19006);
  • note: this packet id doesnt need another parameter

Reverse Engineering in Lv1

Function Id: 0x19000
Port:	      0x24
Process:      5

If you want to check out about it or get more things documented, consider looking at for example:

  • coolstuff\hvdump315_reversing\proc_5\code_seg.idb
  • coolstuff\hvdump341_reversing\proc_5\code_seg.idb
  • coolstuff\hvdump355_reversing\proc_5\code_seg.idb

See also SPU_Isolated_Modules_Reverse_Engineering#aim_spu_module.