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| ReBuild SaveData DataBase || ? || ?
| ReBuild SaveData DataBase || ? || ?
| SaveData Fake Free Space(FS) || {{NA}} || Off
| SaveData Fake Free Space(FS) || {{NA}} || on
| Fake SaveData Owner || {{NA}} || Off
| Fake SaveData Owner || {{NA}} || on
| Instant App Suspending || {{NA}} || Off
| Instant App Suspending || {{NA}} || Off

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The Debug Settings (stylized as ★ Debug Settings) describes additional preferences in the Settings Menu, which are only avaiable on Nonretail consoles. It is already in use for the PlayStation 3 and gives on both consoles the possibility for developers to debug and examine several tasks, such for Games, Applications & Blu-ray-Authoring (on PlayStation 3).


★ Debug Settings Menu enable in the Settings Menu on Nonretail consoles

Several ★ Debug Settings enable

Activation Menu

No Activation File Found.
More ★ Debug Settings enable
Game Live Streaming Menu
Package Installer enable in the Game Menu

Blank page when no Package File found, similar to PS3's ★ Install Package Files

Note: The following ★ Debug Settings are composed from several Non-Retail consoles through different Hardware Generations and System Firmwares, but the listing from the single preferences is complete.

Menu Submenu Preferences
Boot Parameters
Release Check Mode NA Development Note, Release Mode
Release Mode Console NA Enable , Enable
Slow HDD Mode NA Off, On
System Update
Update Server URL Dawngrand SCE DevNet
Network (DEV)
Debug IP Address Setting NA Automatic, Manual
Debug DHCP Host Name ? ?
Debug Route Network ? ?
Debug Route Subnet Mask ? ?
Debug Route Network Gateway ? ?
NAT Traversal Information ? ?
Network Emulation NA Disabled
Sound and Screen
HDCP NA Enable, Disable
Play Dummy Music ? ?
Reset Display Area Settings ? ?
PlayStation(R) Network
NP Environment NA sp-int, np-int
Fake Plus (User Name: Current User which are logged in) NA Off, On ("This setting will be applied to foreground user only.")
NP Debug NA On, Off
In-Game Commerce Debug NA Off, on
Patch Check NA Manual
Patch Test NA Off, on
TPPS Proxy ? ?
Upgradable App Debug NA Full, Off
Require purchased license NA Off, on
Content Info Area NA Off, on
Dualshock circle button Button Behaviour NA Back
TRC Check Notifications NA Disable
Region Setting NA Off, Japan, North America, Oceania, UK, Europe, Korea, Southeast Asia (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, Russia, Mexico
Use Default PRX Runtime Library NA On
Debug Network Clock NA Off, on
Reset Network Clock ? ?
Debug NPDRM Clock NA Off, on
Override Camera Config on Impose Menu NA Off, on
Fake parameter for camera calibration ? ?
Export setting info to USB Mass Storage ? ?
Controller Setting
Enable USB Connection NA Off
Share Button
SNS Contents Sharing Test from Share Button NA Disable
Multi User
Display Account Information NA Off, On
Edit Comments for This Account ? User Name displayed and selectable (all users registered on the console or only the current logged in one?)
Use Auto Assign & Login Feature in Debug Settings NA On, Off
Auto Assign Controller NA On, Off
Switch User Group ? ?
Auto Login User NA All Users registered on the System displayed and selectable with checkboxes
Core Dump
Core Dump Mode NA keep process
Dump Level NA Mini Dump
Copy & Delete ? ?
Uploader Enable Uploader ?
Uploader URL ?
Auto Upload ?
Common Dialog NA Off
Crash Reporting
Enable System Crash Reporting NA On, Off
Keep Corefiles NA Off
Activate from Host ? ?
Activate from USB ? No Activation File Found. (if no Activation Key File found)
Show Expire Date NA This Development Kit expires in XX day + HH:MM:SS
Show Activation Key NA (40-digit hexadecimal key string displayed)
Game Live Streaming
Broadcast URL ? ?
Live Streaming Mode NA Debug Mode1: Broadcast Fake Stream
Social Feedback Latency NA 0
Social Feedback Mode NA Debug Mode1: Local Feedback
Social Message01 ? ?
Social Message02 ? ?
Social Message03 ? ?
Social Message04 ? ?
Social Message05 ? ?
Social Message06 ? ?
Social Message07 ? ?
Social Message08 ? ?
Social Message09 ? ?
Social Message10 ? ?
IRC Server URL ? ?
IRC Server Channel ? ?
IRC Server User Name ? ?
IRC Server Password ? ?
Reset Broadcast Account ? ?
Package Installer NA Similar to the ★ Install Package Files Menu from the PlayStation 3 where the Menu keeps blank when no Package Files found
Add Content Manager ? ?
ReBuild SaveData DataBase ? ?
SaveData Fake Free Space(FS) NA on
Fake SaveData Owner NA on
Instant App Suspending NA Off
PlayGo Debug Content ID ?
Package URL http://
Scenario ID(optional) 0
Download Request ?
BD Copy NA Enable, Disable
Overlay APP_HOME On app0 NA Off, On
Game Memory Budget Mode NA NORMAL
Preserve Direct Memory on off,
PA Debug No, yes
GPU Validation NA No, yes
System Load Control NA Normal(0.5msec)
Companion Application
Launch Application from ★APP_HOME NA enable
Sound Output Loudness Measurement
Measuring NA Stop, Start
Power Save Settings (5.05)
Navigation NA ?
Media Playback On ShellApp NA ?
Media Playback On DiscPlayer NA ?
Media Playback On PS Video NA ?
GDDR5 Memory Clock NA Default, 800MHz, 400MHz