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PlayGo illustrated at E3 2013

Description[edit | edit source]

PlayGo (by using a secondary custom chip) allows immediate start of supported games, with only the need of the first chunk of game data. The following chunks are downloaded/installed independant of the mainprocessor and relinked/copied when complete. Order of chunks can be rearranged as game progresses (e.g. user takes a different road in game, thus requiring different maps/data). There seem to be a maximum of 100 chunks, with no limit of size.

If users prefer to play their game directly from disc, PS4 will install data to the hard drive during play.

Similarly, system updates are downloaded seamlessly in the background without interruption.

PS4 also features technology that attempts to determine trends, including titles a gamer is likely to express interest in next, and then automatically download a small percentage of those games in the background, even in sleep mode.

Killzone: Shadow Fall supports the PS4's PlayGo functionality, allowing players get gaming before the whole game (39.7GB ) is downloaded, but it's been confirmed that this initial download is still a sizeable 7.5GB.

File Usage[edit | edit source]

File Usage
playgo-chunk.dat PlayGo Chunk data content
playgo-chunk.sha PlayGo Chunk data authentication
playgo-manifest.xml PlayGo descriptive XML UTF-8