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PUP (Playstation Update Package) is the file format of the PSP, PS3, PSVita and PS4 system software update packages.

PUP embed updates for devices such as the GameOS, Syscon, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Communication Processor, Southbridge, BD drive.


PS4 PUP is special because it embeds single other PUPs.


Have a feeling the header for the new PS4 PUPs ends with a LZMA dictionary and file size… (ie a normal lzma header without the properties byte) anyone else done research into that? As in:

struct PUPPS4Header {
	uint32_t magic;			// PS4PUPMAGIC "\x4F\x15\x3D\x1D"
	uint16_t version;		// Big Endian (??)
	uint16_t unknownOne;
	uint16_t unknownTwo;
	uint16_t unknownThree;
	uint32_t dictSize;		// LE afaics
	uint32_t uncompressedSize;	// LE afaics


Decrypter (first step)[edit]

Unpacker (second step)[edit]