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Languages[edit | edit source]

System languages supported and default localised languages for NP network / NP titles (some Countries will have multiple selectable default languages)

Number still image update info Letter Code Localised Language PS4 FW PSVITA FW PS3 FW PSP FW Notes
- icon0.png changeinfo.xml - DEFAULT DEFAULT Yes Yes Yes Yes Required
00 icon0_00.png changeinfo_00.xml ja or jp 日本語 Japanese Yes Yes Yes Yes PS4 Speech Recognition
01 icon0_01.png changeinfo_01.xml en-US or en English (United States) English (United States) Yes Yes Yes Yes PS4 Speech Recognition
02 icon0_02.png changeinfo_02.xml fr-FR or fr Français (France) French (France) Yes Yes Yes Yes PS4 Speech Recognition
03 icon0_03.png changeinfo_03.xml es-ES or es Español (España) Spanish (Spain) Yes Yes Yes Yes PS4 Speech Recognition
04 icon0_04.png changeinfo_04.xml de Deutsch German Yes Yes Yes Yes PS4 Speech Recognition
05 icon0_05.png changeinfo_05.xml it Italiano Italian Yes Yes Yes Yes PS4 Speech Recognition
06 icon0_06.png changeinfo_06.xml nl Nederlands Dutch Yes Yes Yes Yes
07 icon0_07.png changeinfo_07.xml pt-PT or pt Português (Portugal) Portuguese (Portugal) Yes Yes Yes Yes
08 icon0_08.png changeinfo_08.xml ru Русский Russian Yes Yes Yes Yes
09 icon0_09.png changeinfo_09.xml ko 한국어 Korean Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 icon0_10.png changeinfo_10.xml zh-Hant or zh_t 繁體中文 Traditional Chinese Yes Yes Yes Yes
11 icon0_11.png changeinfo_11.xml zh-Hans or zh_s 简体中文 Simplified Chinese Yes Yes Yes Yes
12 icon0_12.png changeinfo_12.xml fi Suomi Finnish Yes Yes Yes No
13 icon0_13.png changeinfo_13.xml sv Svenska Swedish Yes Yes Yes No
14 icon0_14.png changeinfo_14.xml da Dansk Danish Yes Yes Yes No
15 icon0_15.png changeinfo_15.xml no Norsk Norwegian Yes Yes Yes No
16 icon0_16.png changeinfo_16.xml pl Polski Polish Yes Yes 3.15+ No
17 icon0_17.png changeinfo_17.xml pt-BR or pt-br Português (Brasil) Portuguese (Brazil) Yes Yes 4.00+ No
18 icon0_18.png changeinfo_18.xml en-GB or en-gb English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom) Yes Yes 4.00+ No
19 icon0_19.png changeinfo_19.xml tr Türkçe Turkish Yes 2.00+ 4.30+ No
20 icon0_20.png changeinfo_20.xml es-LA or es-419 Español (América Latina) Spanish (Latin America) Yes No No No PS4 Speech Recognition
21 icon0_21.png changeinfo_21.xml ar العربية Arabic 2.00+ No No No
22 icon0_22.png changeinfo_22.xml fr-CA Français (Canada) French (Canada) 2.50+ No No No
23 icon0_23.png changeinfo_23.xml cs Čeština Czech 5.00+ No No No
24 icon0_24.png changeinfo_24.xml hu Magyar Hungarian 5.00+ No No No
25 icon0_25.png changeinfo_25.xml el Ελληνικά Greek 5.00+ No No No
26 icon0_26.png changeinfo_26.xml ro Română Romanian 5.00+ No No No
27 icon0_27.png changeinfo_27.xml th ไทย Thai 5.00+ No No No
28 icon0_28.png changeinfo_28.xml vi Tiếng Việt Vietnamese 5.00+ No No No
29 icon0_29.png changeinfo_29.xml in Indonesia Indonesian 5.00+ No No No
  • Still image format: 512 x 512px 24bit PNG noninterlaced
  • Change info format: UTF-8, maximum 64KB