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Themes[edit | edit source]

  • Starting with firmware 2.000.000, themes are available to purchase and apply.
  • System software themes are a feature that allow the various elements in the system software home screen and function screen to be customized to users' tastes.
  • A theme has many customizable elements such as:
    • Theme color (select from eight types of internal system colors - blue which is the default choice, pink, red, navy, dark gray, gold, light steel blue & purple.)
    • Font color (hexadecimal)
    • Font shadow color (hexadecimal)
    • Focus color (home screen - hexadecimal)
    • Dimmer colors (function area at the top of the home screen and at the top of the screen when the application resumes from rest mode ("when the application resumes" hereafter), function screen, background of application title name - hexadecimal)
    • Background images (home screen, function screen, function area at the top of the screen when the application resumes)
    • Background scene (static themes use 2 static images for main and function area, while dynamic themes use a combination of models, camera, animations all controlled via a .xml file)
    • Custom Content area icon: Internet Browser, Capture Gallery, Share Play, TV & Video, Library, Live from PlayStation®, USB Music Player, disc content (with/without disc thumbnail image), Folder
    • Custom Function area icons: Notifications, Friends, Communities, Events, Messages, Party, Trophies, Settings, Power
    • BGM (home screen)
    • Sound effects (cursor movement sound, Enter sound, cancel sound)
  • Jailbroken PS4s have the ability to create and apply both custom static and dynamic themes, in a fake pkg format. Downside of doing so is, like any other fake pkg, it will require constant jailbreak access to be applied.

Retail theme packages examples[edit | edit source]

  • Rectangular Dynamic Theme
  • 20th Anniversary Dynamic Theme
  • AR-Roboter Dynamic Theme
  • Rechtecke Dynamic Theme
  • Papierskulptur Dynamic Theme
  • Spiralen Dynamic Theme


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