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PS4 - Xbone - next to each other

PS4 ready for use

PlayStation4 - box angle

PlayStation4 with DualShock4 quickstartguide Earset USB-cable HDMI-cable and powercable

PlayStation4 - first look

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PlayStation4 - console and controller

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Product Code[edit]

Release model product code: CUH-1000A


  • size: 30.5cm x 27.5cm x 5.3cm


  • Main Processor (APU):
    • CPU: low-power x86-64 AMD "Jaguar", 28nm, 8 cores at 1,6GHz
    • GPU: AMD's Graphics Core Next : Radeon HD 7850 based graphics engine with 18 Compute Units = 1152 GPU cores -> peak shader throughput = 1.84 TFLOPS
PS4 Xbox One WiiU PC:
Tesla K80
GeForce GTX 790
Radeon HD 8970
Compute Units 18 12 5 96 96 32
Unified Shaders 1152 768 320 4992 4992 2048
Texture Mapping Units TMU 72 48 16
Render Output Units ROP 32 16 8 416 480
peak shader throughput (TFLOPS) 1.84 1.23 0.351 2.9 (SP) / 8 (DP) 4.3



  • Memory
    • Controller : 40 bits per channel, with 8bit error correcting (32bit RAW)
    • Modules: 8GB unified GDDR5 RAM at 5500MHz in ?x?=256bit configuration / 8x32bit channels -> 176Gbit/s bandwidth
    • note: 2.5GB of RAM will be reserved/used by the system, leaving 4.5GB for Content/Games and 1GB of Flexible memory.
PS4 Xbox One WiiU Notes
Total size 8GB 8GB 2GB
Address-ability unified unified unified
Configuration / Bus-width ?x?=256bit 16x16bit=256bit 4x16bit=64bit
Channels 8x32bit 4x64bit ?1x64bit?
Module Type GDDR5 DDR3 DDR3
Speed (effective) 5500 2133 1600
Cache - 32MB 6-T eSRAM
Bandwidth (Gbit/s) 176 68.3 12.8
System Reserved / Application+Game Free (GB) / Flexible Memory 2.5 / 4.5 / 1 3 / 4 / - 1 / 1 / - Flexible Memory is used by games and games only, the OS cannot use it.


See Southbridge.


  • Harddrive storage built-in (competition Xbox One uses 2.5mm SATA 500GB HDD)
PS4 Xbox One WiiU Notes
Internal 500GB HDD
  • Optical drive, BD 6xCAV / DVD 8xCAV (8.5MB/s)


  • USB 3.0
  • Auxiliary (for PlayStation 4 Eye)
  • HDMI Out (competition Xbox One also features HDMI Input)
  • Analog-AV out (backwards compatible with ancient PS1/PS2/PS3 MultiAV) second pressreleases removed all mention and console presentation did not show AV_Multi connector
  • Digital audio output: TOSLINK (optical)
  • C7/C8 coupler? [1]

Wireless / Networking[edit]

Wi-Fi on E3[edit]

Knowing the WiiU loses connection easily with its 5GHz Wi-Fi, how does the Wi-Fi on PS4 relate on a crowded environment? :

"Always On" feature[edit]

There seem to be no requirement for a continious internet connection (ofcourse unless you want to use services that require them, like PSN/SEN, online mediaservices, share button etc.).

Same requirements as WiiU - while in the Xbox field there was some discussion about the need of it. See also :

Comparison With PS3 Slim[edit]