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Marvell 88SA8040-TBC1[edit | edit source]

Marvell 88SA8040-TBC1

Marvell 88SA8040C0-TBC1 - Top

Marvell 88SA8040C0-TBC1 - Bottom

Marvell 88SA8040/88SA8052 -TBC1 - pinout

Marvell 88SA8040/88SA8052 -TBC1 - application schematic

alt. part no: 88SA8040C0-TBC1C000-P107 (SATA 1.5 Gb/s to PATA 133)
6-710-129-01 / IC3401

SATA to PATA IDE bridge chip. This is used on motherboards with a PATA blu-ray drive: early PS3 (up to including CECHKxx/DIA-002).

 The 88SA8040 is an IC which consists of 9 bus transceivers (three state output) in 
 a 24 pin package. Signals are transmitter from A to B when the direction control 
 input (DiR) is at a high level, and from B to A when DiR is at a low level. When the 
 enable input (G) is high, A and B are isolated. And this product has two terminals 
 (V CCA, VCCB), VCCA is connected with control input and A bus side, VCCB is connected 
 with B bus side. VCCA and V CCB are isolated. Consequently, it is best to change the 
 level in case of two supply voltage coexist on one board and application of power management.
 Dropout Voltage is defined as the input to output differential at which the output 
 voltage drops 2% below its nominal value measured at 1V differential. For outputs below 
 2.5V, dropout voltage is the input-to-output voltage differential with the minimum 
 input voltage 2.5V. Minimum input operating voltage is 2.5V.

No datasheet found/available : http://www.marvell.com/storage/system-solutions/sata-to-pata-bridge.jsp

Marvell 88SA8040C0-TBC1C000-P107 (SATA to PATA bridge)[edit | edit source]

No padouts have been listed (yet), please help to fill this in :)