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type 5[edit | edit source]

First 3 generations of PS3 slim : CECH-20xx, CECH-21xx, CECH-25xx

In this models, the airflow passes inside the power supply, so can be considered part of the "air tunnel"

The surface closer to the center of the fan is the CELL... and the other is RSX... the air passes first trought CELL metal elements (cooler) and then passes trought RSX elements (hotter), the copper pipes are for CELL surface and are connected to a "secondary" cooling metal block placed laterally inside the air tunnel

revision 1[edit | edit source]


  • Notes (identification)
    • Is the only "type 5" heatsink with horizontal plates, and vertical "columns". The horizontal plates allows the airflow to spread in radial directions from the fan center, and consequently to enter in the power supply in angles
    • The vertical "columns" doesnt seems to be copper pipes and are soldered/drilled in the RSX metal block, this manufacturing process left some marks that are visibles in the bottom view

revision 2[edit | edit source]


  • Notes (identification)
    • CELL surface has no drill/holes marks, and one corner is "out" of the plate, the secondary cooling metal block (after the copper pipe) has 12 vertical plates
    • RSX has 2 drills/holes at the sides

revision 3[edit | edit source]


  • Notes (identification)
    • CELL surface has 12 drills/holes that are partially visibles in the bottom and top views
    • Doesnt seems to have a copper pipe in the bottom view. but some copper is partially visible in the top view so is supposed it has a copper pipe over the plate (that is flanked by 2 paralell lines visibles in the bottom view)

revision 4[edit | edit source]


  • Notes (identification)
    • CELL surface has 4 holes/drills
    • RSX surface has 5 holes/drills

revision 5[edit | edit source]


  • Notes (identification)
    • CELL copper pipe is soldered and glued and gets out of CELL surface vertically, and is connected to a secondary CELL cooling block with 11 plates placed in a side, both are visibles from a bottom view (the 2 lines in paralell to the copper pipe in the bottom view are the base of the secondary CELL cooling metal block)
    • CELL primary cooling block is glued to CELL surface
    • RSX cooling block has 16 verticall plates, and is drilled/soldered by 4 points to the bottom plate of the heatsink that is cropped. This block is mobile thanks to this areas cropped and the drilled holes (can be moved up or down some milimeters)
    • The 2 surfaces are made of alluminium but with a different alloy (CELL is harder to polish and darker)

Lapped surfaces

This was made with sandpaper of different gauges, polished, etc... long history