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Description[edit | edit source]

  • Notes:
    • Contour leds - the leds are hidden close to the usb port under the main touch panel. none of the hidden Leds are grounded out but, always receives V+ even when in standby ( red light standby ) reason is unknown and has been found even back on first gen models.
    • Compatibility with other ps3 models - this board will work with out back white, hidden, eject led, and 10th gnd pin on a 300X model full power eject and red and green led, A KSW-001 Will not work on a 200X model (dsw-001 slot).

Pinout[edit | edit source]

DSW-001 Pinout
Pin Name Connected to Description
On Motherboard On Switch board
1 RMC_IN ? Syscon SW2-30x, pin 13 Testpad Only This line have a Testpad @ switchboard, seems that it is a service pin.
Also connected to a pin of a Service Connectors ?
2 SW_PWM ? Syscon SW2-30x, pin 12 4x CONTOUR LEDs Permanently inactive by default.
On Switch board is connected to a transistor driving 3 LEDs: TWO BLUE AND ONE RED.
3 ? Syscon SW2-30x, pin 11 2x White leds - Inner LEDs for EJECT button backlight
2x White leds - Inner LEDs for POWER button backlight
4 POW_SW Syscon SW2-30x, pin 110 Power switch PS3 power button Sink to ground to activate.
5 EJECT_SW Syscon SW2-30x, pin 111 Eject switch PS3 eject button Sink to ground to activate.
6 POW_LED Syscon SW2-30x, pin 5 Green led Connects to bottom-left corner pin (green gnd) of dual red/green LED over power switch.
7 STBY_LED Syscon SW2-30x, pin 6 Red led Connects to top-left corner pin (red gnd) of dual red/green LED over power switch.
8 BD_LED BluRay Connector, pin 13 Blue led Connects to blue LED over eject switch.
9 GND GND GND Ground
10 +5V_EVER Power Supply Connector (CN101), pin 1 VCC 5V Standby
  • above top panel view port behind pcb. resistors was not tested.

How it works[edit | edit source]

Modding[edit | edit source]

Enabling contour LEDs in DSW-001 Switch board: Original (french) Google translated (english)