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KES-410A (top view)

KES-410A is the laser mounted in KEM-410ACA slide, in Blu-Ray Drive model BD-410. Used in CECHHxx, CECHJxx, CECHKxx, CECHLxx, CECHMxx, CECHPxx and CECHQxx models (all retail Fat PS3's manufactured after october 2007). It has also been seen in late model CECHGxx (Which would normally have the KES-400A).

It has 2 lens, one for CD/DVD and one for BluRay discs.

Other Sony devices with a KES-410A laser[edit]

Sony Blu-Ray Player BDP-S350

  • Notes:
    • The motors (disc spin motor and tray in/out motor) are compatible with PS3 too
    • The rest of the drive (slide, daugther board and mechanicals parts) are not compatibles with PS3