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See also PS Vita NPDRM and PSP NPDRM.

PS3 NPDRM SELF - SPRX decryption steps[edit | edit source]

Once that the user is trying to start a SELF - SPRX, the VSH looks for the Program Identification Header. If the Program Type is NPDRM, then the Supplemental Header Table NPDRM header is located. From this NPD header the VSH gets the #DRM Type.

If a Network DRM content is to be loaded, the VSH loads the act.dat and the .rif associated to the content (it will download .rif to VSH process memory).

For Local DRM content too, the VSH locates a file with the same CONTENT ID as in NPDRM header, then the signatures are checked (RIF offset 0x70 and act.dat offset 0x1010). Using the np_act_data_index_dec_key, it will decrypt the actdatIndex stored in RIF.

If a Free DRM (DRM type 3) content is detected then there is no license check, so no need for .rif/act.dat, and a generic klicensee klic_ps3_free will be used for further steps.

Then the execution passes to LV2 Syscall no 471 sys_npdrm_regist_ekc.

// is it titleID or content_id?
int sys_npdrm_regist_ekc(uint32_t type, char* titleID, void* klicensee, uint8_t* actdat, uint8_t* rif, int32_t licenseType, uint8_t* magicVersion);

This function has different parameters depending on the #DRM Type:

  • Local/Network DRM content:
    sys_npdrm_regist_ekc(npd.type, &npd.titleID, NULL, &actdat.keyTable[rif.actDatIndex], &rif.key, npd.license, &npd);
  • Free DRM content:
    sys_npdrm_regist_ekc(npd.type, &npd.titleID, klic_ps3_free, NULL, NULL, npd.license, &npd);

The lv2 keeps a memory table with contentID and the associated klicensee:

  • Local/Network DRM content: lv2 AES128 decrypts the encrypted klicensee from RIF by using NPDRM IDPS Seed, IDPS, act.dat and some other keys. Once transformed, klicensee is stored in a memory table.
  • Free DRM content: lv2 copies the titleID and the generic klicensee (klic_ps3_free) to a memory table.

From there, the lv1 hypervisor, by loading appldr, will transform the key by using the ps3_klic_dec_key and finally remove the NPDRM layer of the SELF/SPRX to start the SELF - SPRX decryption.

PS3 NPDRM EDAT decryption steps[edit | edit source]

See EDAT files.

DRM Type[edit | edit source]

A temporary name was "License type".

Value Type Remarks
0 Unknown (official name) It does not require any license. Set in SDATA files.
1 Network It requires network authentication every time the content is launched. See inability example.
2 Local It requires first time activation online (paid content but also demo and free of charge content).
3 Free On PS3, it does not require any license file nor console activation (act.dat). PS3 disc bind contents use this DRM Type. On PSP, when a .rif is present for Free DRM Type, the RIF NP Account ID is replaced by a Magic Gate Memory Stick command result and the RIF encrypted account keyring index is replaced by the sha1 digest of this Magic Gate Memory Stick command result.
4 PSP This type exists according to PS3 make_package_npdrm.exe revision 1972. However, no .rif holding this DRM Type was ever seen.
0xD Free (PSP2/PSM) Used for Free contents but with license (.rif) requirement, unlike DRM Type 3. Requires either pd0:license/rifname.rif (for Welcome Park) or /app/TITLEID/sce_sys/package/temp.bin (for .pkg installed from PS Store).
0x100 Network (PSP/PSP2) Seen in PSP and PS Vita OS. On PSP, extends the RIF ECDSA signed data with IDPS and Fuse ID. On PS Vita, forces OpenPSID comparison in RIF and thus RIF RSA signature verification.
0x400 GameCard (PSP2) Requires a .rif stored in the gamecard filesystem and the gamecard to be inserted for authentication.
0x2000 Unknown (PS3) Seen in EP0001-NPEB00560_00-GRAW2PS3REMPKG01.rif.

NPDRM contents decryption requires a key, the key licensee or klicensee. Depending on the content's DRM Type, klicensee is got in different ways:

  • DRM type Network: klicensee is generated using associated RIF downloaded on-load from PS Store + ?to detail?
  • DRM type Local: klicensee is generated using associated RIF downloaded on-installation from PS Store + act.dat + console's IDPS
  • DRM type Free: klicensee is the constant PS3 Free klicensee (see NPDRM keys and appldr keys)
  • DRM type Free (PSP2/PSM): klicensee is derived from associated RIF stored in the NPDRM PKG file
  • DRM type GameCard: klicensee is derived from associated RIF stored in the gamecard and gamecard authentication command

Free games/applications, e.g. demos and free additional contents can either use Free, Free (PSP2/PSM) or Local DRM Types.

License Flags[edit | edit source]

License Flags are guessed to be either 4 or 6 bytes long (leaving DRM Type either 2 or 4 bytes long).

See RIF.

  • 1 by default
  • 0x200 for preordered content that is not usable yet. Seen in EP1004-BLES01807_00-GTAVDLCATOMICBLI.rif, EP1004-NPEB01283_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL.rif and EP1004-NPEP00231_00-TGRANDTHEF000001.rif.

Tools[edit | edit source]