Program Type

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Value Name Device Files Remarks
0 PUP PS4 PS4UPDATEx.PUP (decrypted) where x is a non-null unsigned integer Comes from packed and encrypted PUP.
1 LV0 / level 0 PS3 load by lv0ldr, auth by lv0ldr
2 LV1 / level 1 PS3 load by lv0, auth by lv1ldr
3 LV2 / level 2 PS3 load by lv1, auth by lv2ldr
4 APP / Application PS3 load by lv1, auth by appldr
5 ISO / Isolated SPU Module PS3 load by lv1, auth by isoldr
6 LDR / Secure Loader PS3 load by lv0(for lv1ldr)/lv1(for appldr, isoldr, lv2ldr), auth by metldr
7 KERNEL / Kernel PRX PS3, PS Vita PS Vita kernel modules (.skprx) On PS3, load by lv1, auth by appldr. Does not use keyid.
8 NPDRM / NPDRM Application PS3, PS Vita, PS4 NPDRM SELF and PS Vita SDK fSELF (eboot.bin, .suprx, .self) load by lv1, auth by appldr. Uses keyid.
9 BOOT (PS Vita), Plugin (PS4) PS Vita, PS4 PS Vita: kernel_boot_loader.self, PS4: .sprx, .sdll, .sexe PS Vita: does not use keyid.
10 unknown unknown
11 SM / Secure Module PS Vita os0:sm/*.self and slb2:kprx_auth_sm.self
12 KERNEL ?or BIOS? PS4 Full kernel and/or BIOS
13 USER / System Usermode Module PS Vita system usermode modules (.self, eboot.bin, .suprx) Uses keyid.
14 unknown (PS Vita), SM / Secure Module (PS4) PS Vita, PS4 Seen in applier_sm.self and kprx_auth_sm.self -> Maybe DIFF files. Does not use keyid.
15 SK / Secure Kernel PS4