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Also known as bootrom(on proto/DECR) or bootldr / Boot Loader ; see also: Dumping_Bootldr Talk:Dumping_Bootldr

lv0ldr (this may need some reordering with Boot Order as centralised reference):

  • Initialises I/O (IOIF0/IOIF1)
  • Checks CBE version
  • Checks Memory configuration
  • Checks flash format (1 or 1_1)
  • Checks sb_rom_base (South Bridge)
  • Initialises SS2_WORK (Starship2)
  • Initialises XDR RAM (And verifies with memtest elf - On SPU 0 - It's hardcoded to load there).
  • Checks eeprom_os_bank_indicator for active ROS
  • Authenticates + decrypts lv0 (which runs on PPU) from the active ROS -> loaders INIT
NEW consoles only: metadata lv0.2 (signed with nonrandomfail key) is used to check lv0 integrity

Boot Loader SE Version 1.9.0 ...(Build ID: 2398,24722, .........Build Data: 2007-07-22_15:55:29)
Boot Loader SE Version 2.7.0 ...(Build ID: 3517,38879, .........Build Date: 2009-03-24_23:51:55)
Boot Loader SE Version 3.4.0 ...(Build ID: 3932,45679, .........Build Date: 2010-06-07_23:08:10)

IDA Database of Lv0Ldr with function names[edit | edit source]!VkdhgQzC!AhfFyPztFBjo0TV9ErIWEHjqGXVDpfogrtQgVcvJWt8