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PS2 boot param file stored in dev_hdd0/tmp/game/ps2bootparam.dat used to pass settings from GameOS to emulator after unloading LV2.

File layout[edit | edit source]

Name offset size type notes
rtc_epoch 0x00 0x08 u64 time since epoch in seconds (hex)
target_id 0x08 0x02 u16 Product_Code
toggle_XO 0x0A 0x01 u8 1 - (X enter and O back), 0 - (O enter and X back)
boot_type 0x0B 0x01 u8 known used value 0x00 (hdd install?) / 0x01 / 0x02 / 0x03 ("2P" classic)
ps2_title_id 0x0C unk (at least 0x0A) string SLES50920
_ 0x2C 0x01 u8 _
system_lang 0x2D 0x01 u8 2 digits code from Languages is used (in hex form)
time_zone 0x2E 0x02 u16 sys_time_get_timezone(), known value 0x3E
summer_time 0x30 0x01 u8 "/setting/dateTime/summerTime", known value 0
net_device 0x31 0x01 u8 xsettings "/setting/net/device", known value 1 (enabled wifi?)
wlan_ssid 0x32 0x21 string 32 characters + null terminator
_ 0x52 0x01 u8 _
net_authProto 0x53 0x01 u8 "/setting/net/authProto", known value 7 (wlan encryption type?)
wlan_pass 0x54 0x40 string 63 + null terminator
_ 0x94 0x01 u8 _
_ 0x98 0x04 unk _
_ 0x9C 0x01 u8 _
_ 0x9E 0x02 u16 _
_ 0xA0 0x04 unk _
_ 0xA4 0x01 u8 _
_ 0xA6 0x02 u16 _
_ 0xA8 0x04 unk _
_ 0xAC 0x01 u8 _
_ 0xAE 0x02 (?) unk _
color_space 0x118 0x02 u16 _
video_mode 0x11A 0x02 u16 max possible value 0x3FFF, known value 0x702
display_type 0x11C 0x01 u8 _
sound_type 0x11D 0x01 u8 _
_ 0x11E unk string _
_ 0x220 0x04 u32 _
net_enable 0x224 0x01 u8 xregistry "/setting/net/enable"
_ 0x225 0x01 u8 xregistry "/setting/net/aoss/aossFlag"
_ 0x226 0x188 unk _
_ 0x246 0x1 u8 _
_ 0x3AF 0x04 unk _
_ 0x3B3 0x04 unk _
_ 0x3B7 0x01 unk _
_ 0x3BB 0x04 unk _
_ 0x3BC 0x04 unk _
_ 0x3C0 0x04 unk _
_ 0x3CC 0x80 unk _
_ 0x44C 0x80 unk _
up_convert 0x4CC 0x01 u8 _
_ 0x4CD 0x01 u8 _
rgb_output_range 0x4CE 0x01 u8 _
_ 0x4D0 0x08 u64 known value 0x800000001000007
_ 0x4D8 0x01 u8 _

Note: This table for now only cover first 0x4F0 of file, next block are controllers settings.
Current layout of this file is very different than the one above.