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Overview[edit | edit source]

Qt Resource Container (QRC) located in path: dev_flash/vsh/resource/qgl/

The file doesnt have any compression (is not compressed with zlib like the other .qrc's... instead each of the contained files is compressed with zlib individually)

Contents Feature
(added, removed or changed)
DDS (m) DDS (n) DDS (dif)
2.00~2.01 707.152 020BA022EBBC7FA96C77FA01CE351F26 54 54 1 Static PlayStation 3 Theme (P3T) Support
2.10~2.36 740.224 29E7BBBB83E36A7F8E413ABA274BBC33 54 54 1
2.40~2.43 795.968 7F17470EC7ED46AB5582EB76D86F800F 56 56 1
2.50~2.60 908.448 A4F84C8427AA79F9A9CC9664E8D9FABB 62 62 1
2.70~2.76 901.408 9D0D0DB2DB104C661D98E2EF5E1C024E 62 62 1
2.80 903.328 7A48902A0B565931ABB1B01B39BCEE9C 62 62 1
3.00~3.01 1.361.200 3986EF9DBDFA8F134FFFA57D59C45052 No 66 1 Removed the "m" versions, added 4 new icons
3.10~3.30 1.386.352 60EC9CD4B06808C36413D66D0D389035 No 67 1
3.40~3.61 1.426.032 9FBD278929692A82D5102C12922D9B3D No 69 1 New icon for [Video Editor & Uploader] application
3.65~3.74 1.413.264 A23FF4BA6E2E8C3E7FA1C9F10E3484CB No 69 1
4.00~4.89 1.431.936 90146D3F374EC92EBED34535E90CD298 No 70 1

File Groups[edit | edit source]

Groups of files that are listed together in wiki for covenience and documenting purposes, because shares the same format, are part of the same animation, or are used by the same firmware function.

Normal maps[edit | edit source]

All the texture icons form 01.dds up to 70.dds

Dimensions: 128x128pixels
Format: DDS normal map blue channel based, with 8 mipmaps total
Format Settings: 32bit-A8R8G8B8. ARGB 32 bpp Unsigned (photoshop), u8888 (nvdxt.exe)
Zlib decompressed Size: 87508 bytes

The textures are normal maps where the blue channel stores the icon "shape" and the red and green channels stores the "bumps", additionally the alpha channel stores a low quality version of the blue channel, all this effects and channels repurposing are generated automatically based in some settings when applying the dds normal map filter plugin in photoshop

Diffuse map[edit | edit source]

The texture dif.dds

Dimensions: 64x64pixels
Format: DDS diffuse map, with 5 mipmaps total
Format Settings: 32bit-A8R8G8B8. ARGB 32 bpp Unsigned (photoshop), u8888 (nvdxt.exe)
Zlib decompressed Size: 21952 bytes

Red, green, and blue channels are standard storing color information, and alpha channel is filled with white, when displayed in XMB only the color information is taken from this diffuse map texture

The resulting image when the combined textures are displayed in XMB is the color from the diffuse map + the bumps from the normal map

File list[edit | edit source]

Most of this textures are overrided by installing and applying a Theme

Name Type ID used in Themes Position in XMB Notes
1n .dds icon_user horizontal row Users
2n .dds icon_setting horizontal row Settings
3n .dds icon_photo horizontal row Photo
4n .dds icon_music horizontal row Music
5n .dds icon_video horizontal row Video
6n .dds icon_game horizontal row Game
7n .dds icon_network horizontal row Network
8n .dds icon_friend horizontal row Friends
9n .dds icon_update settings column
10n .dds icon_bdvd_setting settings column
11n .dds icon_printer_setting settings column
12n .dds icon_music_setting settings column
13n .dds icon_system_setting settings column
14n .dds icon_game_setting settings column
15n .dds icon_datetime_setting settings column
16n .dds icon_accessory settings column
17n .dds icon_display_setting settings column
18n .dds icon_sound_setting settings column
19n .dds icon_security_setting settings column
20n .dds icon_network_setting settings column
21n .dds icon_remoteplay_setting settings column
22n .dds icon_pspms devices
23n .dds icon_setting_item settings column
24n .dds icon_theme_setting settings column
25n .dds icon_ms devices
26n .dds icon_cf devices
27n .dds icon_sd devices
28n .dds icon_psp devices
29n .dds icon_usb devices
30n .dds icon_newvmc game column
31n .dds icon_onlinemanual network column
32n .dds devices not in Theme? (Walkman®)
33n .dds icon_download network column
34n .dds icon_chat friends column
35n .dds icon_tv horizontal row TV/Video Services
36n .dds icon_mediaserver_search media player
37n .dds icon_remoteplay network column
38n .dds icon_playlist media player
39n .dds icon_playlist_add media player
40n .dds icon_trophy psn column Previous to FW 4.30 trophy icon was displayed in game column
41n .dds icon_browser network column
42n .dds icon_newuser user column
43n .dds icon_chat_setting settings column
44n .dds icon_blocklist friends column
45n .dds icon_playermet friends column
46n .dds icon_addfriend friends column
47n .dds icon_playing media player
48n .dds icon_accountmanage psn column
49n .dds icon_mbox friends column
50n .dds icon_mbox_received friends column
51n .dds icon_mbox_sent friends column
52n .dds icon_mbox_create friends column
53n .dds icon_usbcamera devices
54n .dds icon_usbaad devices
55n .dds icon_poweroff user column
56n .dds icon_inet_search network column
57n .dds icon_powersave_setting settings column
58n .dds psn column not in Theme? (Account information)
59n .dds psn column not in Theme? (Sub Account Management)
60n .dds psn column not in Theme? (Transaction Management)
61n .dds psn column not in Theme? (Redeem PSN cards and promotional codes)
62n .dds psn column not in Theme? (System Activation)
63n .dds icon_gamedata game column
64n .dds icon_savedata game column
65n .dds icon_vmc game column
66n .dds icon_chatroom friends column
67n .dds icon_savedata_minis game column
68n .dds icon_video_upload media player
69n .dds media player not in Theme? (create New Video)
70n .dds psn column not in Theme? (Privacy Settings)
dif .dds