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Description[edit | edit source]

Raf debug is an special dynamic PlayStation 3 Theme (P3T) intended to be used in the development of the Rich Appearance Format (RAF) animations

The purpose is to be able to "swap" the raf file in a easy way without the need to rebuild/reinstall the theme for every new version of the raf file

Standard dynamic theme example[edit | edit source]

In a standard dynamic theme the raf animation appears as a single bgimage (background image), identifyed with the tag anim (animation), uses any filename, and the fileextension .jpg (is actually a .raf renamed to .jpg)

The file anim_1.jpg (raf animation) in this example is contained inside the .p3t (is an internal path of the .p3t container but because the file is in the root only appears his filename and his fileextension)

		<bgimage anim="anim_1.jpg"/>

Raf Debug variations[edit | edit source]

Raf Debug app_home[edit | edit source]

In raf debug the tag is anim_debug and points to a device path (in this case a virtual device)

The file debug.raf (raf animation) in this example is loaded externally to the .p3t (intended for loading the raf file from a pc connected by network)

		<bgimage anim_debug="/app_home/debug.raf"/>

Raf Debug usb[edit | edit source]

Is also posible to point to a removable device (reported as blocked after firmware 4.30)

		<bgimage anim_debug="/dev_usb/coldboot/coldboot.raf"/>

Sources[edit | edit source]