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EDATA is a file format used on PSP and PS3 to store encrypted data. There is also on PS3 only the SDATA file format which is very similar to EDATA (to detail). This page is for now about PS3 EDATA/SDATA only.

Info on the talk page[edit | edit source]

Info on the talk page: please digest the info and move it here

Location[edit | edit source]

EDAT files are stored under .edat extension. They are often packed in NPDRM PKG files, downloaded from PS Store then extracted to the PS3 HDD. There are also PSP EDAT files which have a different format (to document).

Structure (Encrypted Format)[edit | edit source]

Header[edit | edit source]

Offset Name Size Type Notes
0x0 NPD 0x80 PS3_NPD See NPD.
0x80 Type 1 ?uint8_t? (separated from Metadata type for wiki format)
  • 00: EDAT
  • 01: SDAT
  • 80: Non Finalized (unsigned)
0x81 Metadata type 3 ?uint8_t[3]? (Outdated Flags description from talk page)
  • 00
  • 01: Compressed?
  • 02: Plain text?
  • 03: Compressed plain text?
  • 05: Compressed?
  • 06: Plain text?
  • 07: Compressed plain text?
  • 0C: ?
  • 0D: Compressed data?
  • 3C: Data/misc?
0x84 Block size 4 uint32_t Default block size is 16 KB (0x4000 bytes). Max block size is 32 KB (0x8000 bytes). Working block sizes are: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 KB.
0x88 Data size 8 uint64_t Decoded data size.
0x90 Metadata sections hash 0x10 uint8_t[0x10]
0xA0 Extended header hash 0x10 uint8_t[0x10] AES-CMAC hash of 160 bytes from the beginning of EDAT file. It uses the hash key as AES-CMAC key and it depends on the file flags and keys. ?What does this mean, see make_npdata by Hykem?
0xB0 ECDSA Metadata signature 0x28 uint8_t[0x28] ECDSA curve type is vsh type 2. ECDSA public key is vsh public key (to check). It can be zeroed on forged file.
0xD8 ECDSA Header signature 0x28) uint8_t[0x28] ECDSA curve type is vsh type 2. ECDSA public key is vsh public key (to check). Enabled (only?) for PS2 classic contents: all PS3 CFWs are patched to skip the ECDSA signature check. It can be zeroed on forged file.
0x100 Encrypted file Variable uint8_t[variable] The file is encrypted using AES128CBC.
0x** Padding Variable uint8_t[variable] Aligned on ?? bytes.

Footer[edit | edit source]

Description Size Notes
Name 5 "EDATA" or "SDATA"
Space character 1 ' ' = 0x20
Packager Version 8
  • Version 1: "packager"
  • Version 2: "2.4.0.L "
  • Version 2: "2.4.0.W "
  • Version 2: "2.7.0.W "
  • Version 2: "2.7.0.L "
  • Version 3: "3.1.0.W "
  • Version 3: "3.3.0.L "
  • Version 3: "3.3.0.W "
  • Version 4: "4.0.0.L "
  • Version 4: "4.0.0.W "
Padding 2 00 00

The footer is plaintext. It seems that the footer is not present in some EDAT files version 1 (e.g. in some Ridge Racer 7 additional contents) although it should theoretically be present with version = "packager".

EDAT Versions[edit | edit source]

There are 4 PS3 EDAT (and NPD) format major versions:

  • 1: compatible with SDK 2.1x or older. Supported since at least PS3 System Software version 1.01.
  • 2: compatible with SDK 3.0x or older
  • 3: compatible with SDK 3.7x or older
  • 4: compatible with SDK ?.?? or older. Supported since certainly some 4.0x System Software version.

EDAT Extraction[edit | edit source]

EDAT decryption, and complete verification, requires Klicensee. See NPDRM.

EDAT Generation[edit | edit source]

To document.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Official tools[edit | edit source]

make_edata_npdrm version 1.0.0[edit | edit source]

Found in SCE PS3 SDK 1.92.

make_edata_npdrm version 2.7.0.W[edit | edit source]

make_edata_npdrm version 2.7.0.W (2009-08-18)

Found in SCE PS3 SDK 3.00.

make_edata_npdrm version 3.3.0.W[edit | edit source]

make_edata_npdrm version 3.3.0.W (2011-03-04)

Found in SCE PS3 SDK 3.60.

make_edata_npdrm version 4.0.0.W[edit | edit source]

make_edata_npdrm version 4.0.0.W (?date?)

Found in SCE PS3 SDK 4.75.

make_edata_npdrm -h
make_edata_npdrm: version 4.0.0.W
  make_edata_npdrm [-options] <input file> <output file>

  -h, --help     : print this usage and exit
  -v, --version  : print program version and exit
  -p, --progress : print progress [%]

  [create option]
  -b <size(KB)>  : block size (default 16, max 32)
  -z, --compress : data compress

  --format1      : old format (compatible with SDK 2.1x or older)
  --format2      : old format (compatible with SDK 3.0x or older)
  --format3      : old format (compatible with SDK 3.7x or older)

  [extract/check option]
  -x, --extract  : extract raw image from developing EDATA
  -i, --info     : print file information

Unofficial tools[edit | edit source]

make_npdata by Hykem[edit | edit source]

True Ancestor EDAT Rebuilder by JjKkYu[edit | edit source]

To document.