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  • 90nm - 90 nanometer.
  • 65nm - 65 nanometer.
  • 45nm - 45 nanometer.


  • AES : Advanced Encryption Standard


  • BD - Blu-ray Drive
  • BSOD - Blue Screen of Death.


  • C13/C14- Power connection used by most desktop computers and the PS3
  • C7/C8- Power connection used by AV devices and the PS4
  • CBA - Cutting Burst Area.
  • Cell BE - Cell Broadband Engine Architecture (aka Cell, CBEA or Cell BE), the CPU of the PS3
  • CEX - Product Code for consumer grade firmware found in retail PS3s
  • CFW - Custom Firmware.
  • Cinavia - DRM system implemented in Official Firmware 3.10
  • CoreOS - The first thing loaded by the main processor on boot (also the lowest level system files that are present in a firmware PUP file)
  • CRL - Certificate Revocation List


  • DEX - Product Code of Developer PS3 that enables debugging
  • DISC.SFO - File to force you to use the original disc of the installed HDD Game.
  • DualShock 3 - Successor to the Sixaxis controller pad that added haptics dubbed "Rumble Function"
  • DM - Dispatcher Manager
  • DRM - Digital Rights Management


  • Emotion Engine/EE - Graphics Processing Unit of the PS2.
  • EBOOT - This file will boot PS3 games, it contains various information, patches would have been released for eBoots signed with 3.55 or lowers Keys, so that they could be playable on 3.55.
  • ELF - Executable and Linkable Format, used for games in all successors of the PS1 (PSP, PS Vita, PS2, PS3 and PS4).
  • EMCS - Uniquely identifier of the Engineering, Manufacturing and Customer Services system that made the console.
  • EPROM - A type of memory that is erasable only by ultraviolet light
  • EEPROM - A type of erasable memory
  • ERK - Encryption Round Key
  • ESID - Effective Segment Identifier


  • FSM - Factory Service Mode
  • FW - Firmware


  • GLOD - Green Light of Death.
  • GameOS - The original PS3 operating system used for playing games.



  • IDPS - ID Per System.
  • ISO/ISO Image - A perfect file representation of an optical disc (CD/UMD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc), possibly a video game. When burned it is indistinguishable from the original.
  • Iso module - Isolated Module not to be confused with an ISO or ISO Image.
  • IV - Initialization Vector


  • JIG - PSgrade loaded dongle to trigger Hypervisor to ask Syscon for setting Factory Service Mode flag


  • ...


  • LPAR - Logical PARtition
  • Lv0ldr - Level 0 Loader aka Boot Loader aka bootldr.
  • Lv0 - Level 0.
  • Lv1.self - Level 1 Signed ELF aka Hypervisor


  • MC - MechaCon. Bluray Drive related controller.
  • MFW - Modified Firmware.



  • OtherOS - A feature available in early versions of the PS3 firmware that allowed other operating systems to be installed
  • OtherOS++ - A custom firmware that reenables the ability the use OtherOS


  • PARAM.HIS - The changelog of a game/homebrew on XMB.
  • PARAM.PFD - File used for secure the PS3 save data.
  • PARAM.SFO - File containing parameters about the game such as remote play, resolution, firmware minimum version required for a game, region lockout, etc.
  • PKG - Package file format used to install games, software/homebrew.
  • PlayStation Plus/PS+ - Premium service for PSN, it gives subscribers free games, discounts on games, early access to betas and free trials.
  • PME - Privileged Mode Environment.
  • PPE - Power Processing Element, (sometimes analoguesly named PPU - Power Processing Unit) - A dual core PowerPC processor contained in the Cell BE.
  • PSARC - PlayStation ARChive for generic purpose, usually psarc's have the file extension .psarc but they can also be any other file extension or embedded inside self/sdat files
  • PS3_DISC.SFB - File used for activate sub-folder of the game such update, theme, and others.
  • PS3SWU - PS3 SoftWare Updater
  • PS3UPDAT.PUP - This is the Playstation Update Package firmware file, that you use to update your console.
  • PSgrade - Dongle for downgrading the official PS3 firmware.
  • PSL1GHT - Open Source PS3 SDK.
  • PSN - PlayStation Network later renamed SEN.
  • PSVR - PlayStation Voice Recognition - video: on PS3. See also PS4 Phoneme


  • QA flag - Quality & Assurance flag enable debug settings.


  • RCO - File containing icons, text and sound that appears on XMB. Cannot be replaced by a theme.
  • Remote Play - PSP, PSVITA, PC or phone used as sound/video monitor and controller. Only compatible with select games.
  • Repository - A storage location from which software packages may be retrieved and installed, sometimes used as a software archive
  • Revoke - To void the validity of ...
  • RE - Reverse Engineering
  • RIV - Reset Initialization Vector (aka Reset Vector)
  • RLOD - Red Light Of Death.
  • RSOD - Red Screen Of Death.
  • RSX - Reality Synthesizer, the Graphics Processing Unit of the PS3.


  • SDK - Software Development Kit.
  • Seed - A number (or vector) used to initialize a pseudorandom number generator.
  • SELF - Signed ELF.
  • SEN - Sony Entertainment Network.
  • SEX - Unofficial Target ID of demo PS3s on display in stores.
  • SID-Code - Source Identification Code.
  • Sixaxis - The original control pad released with the PS3, superseded by the DualShock 3 controller.
  • SKU - Stock Keeping Unit.
  • SLB - Segment Lookaside Buffer
  • SPE - Synergistic Processing Elements. The collective of the SPUs in the Cell BE.
  • SPU - Synergistic Processing Unit. A single processing unit within the SPE.
  • SPURS - Synergistic Processing Unit Runtime System. Manages SPU's workloads.
  • SpursEngine - Synergistic Processing Unit Runtime System Engine. a stream processor produced by Toshiba, powered by four Synergistic Processing Elements (SPE), but without a PPU/PPE
  • SRH - Secure Root Hash.
  • SRK - Secure Root Key.
  • SS - Selective Secure.
  • Syscon - System Controller. Responsible for powering up, configuring and initializing the Cell BE, RSX and South Bridge.


  • Themes - Can be static, dynamic and with different backgrounds. You can create your own theme on OFW.
  • TLB - Translation Lookaside Buffer.


  • ...


  • VMC - Virtual Memory Card - This is used for PS1/PS2 saves on the PS3.
  • VSH - VShell or Virtual Shell
  • VSID - Virtual Segment Identifier


  • ...


  • XMB - Xross Media Bar - Graphical Interface User designed as a cross. Used on the OS on PSX, PSP and PS3 and few other Sony Products.


  • YLOD - Yellow Light Of Death.


  • ...


  • ° : degree (symbol: °) used for degrees of arc / hours / temperature etc.
  •  : numero (symbol: ) abbreviation of the word number(s) indicating ordinal numeration
  • µ : micro (symbol: μ) is a prefix in the SI and other systems of units denoting a factor of 10-6 (one millionth)
  • Ω : ohm (symbol: Ω) is the SI derived unit of electrical resistance