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Downgrading Firmware[edit]

This page is more like a subindex page to other pages :)

Lowest Applicable Firmware[edit]

HowTo/Guides & Documentation[edit]

software downgrades[edit]

If your firmware is 3.56 or higher then there are no ways to downgrade using software only. You can use Hardware flashers on any firmware, including 3.56 and above, provided the console is capable of running 3.55 (FSM method highly recommended) \ 3.56 (noFSM method only)
There is no way to downgrade a console that has lowest capable running version 3.60 or higher.

Problems and Issues[edit]

Automation for Business/Lazy purposes[edit]

BwE's Downgrade Automator

BwE has made an automator for setting up files needed for downgrading.

This simple script is placed on your downgrading USB and when run (in Windows) it gives you options to load Lv2Diag.self files, FSM .PUP's, Recovery Mode .PUPs as well as the copy and management of bkpps3.bin files for clients.

The script also has md5 checking and other fail-safes.

This saves you the effort of copying/renaming all of the .PUP's and Lv2Diag.self's that you would be using in a typical downgrade setup.

A version without the firmware files is available here (Last Updated: 3rd Dec) and can still be used providing you have the firmwares required, which is listed within the script.

Condor Updater & QA Toggle is included in the .rar to aid with dehashing.

This script requires the following firmwares to be installed into the 'Firmware' folder and subsequently renamed:

Kmeaw 3.55 -> 'Kmeaw355'
OFW 3.55 -> 'OFW355'
Rebug 999 Downgrader -> 'Rebug999'
Rogero Downgrade Automator -> 'RogeroDowngrade'
Rogero 3.55 v3.7 -> 'Rogero355v3.7'
Rogero 4.21 v2.0 -> 'Rogero421v2.0'
Rogero 4.30 v2.03 -> 'Rogero430v2.03'

The MD5 checking this script does can be slow on some USB sticks, if this is a problem simply stop using the script.
It is a necessary part of the script, it determines what is in use and if it is valid.

It is recommended to strictly use Rogero 355 v3.7 when downgrading firmware >3.55.

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