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There are currently several ways to enable homebrew on a console.


  • You require Firmware 3.55 or below, if you have higher than this, than you will need to look at Downgrading Firmware
  • You cannot currently run homebrew on some of the later slim models, and none of the new CECH-30xx models.


Geohot Jailbreak[edit]

While outdated, this original jailbreak can still be used to jailbreak your console.

This is not a fully modified Firmware. It is simply a patch that allows you to run code.

It installs like any other CFW etc.


Custom Firmware[edit]


PS3ITA Custom Firmware 3.55 v1.1 with PSN Patched PUP

PS3ITA Custom Firmware 3.55 v1.1 with PSN (Diff Patch)


Kmeaw's 3.55 CFW Patched PUP



Kmeaw's 3.55 Custom Firmware Package


Wutangrza's CFW 3.55 Patched PUP

Wutangrza's CFW 3.55 Patch with LV2 Peek/Poke


Waninkoko's PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55 v2 PUP:

Waninkoko's PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55 Patch v2

Peek & Poke (aka flukes1 & netkas)[edit]

Patched 3.55 v2 PUP w/ Peek & Poke Syscalls

Peek & Poke Syscall Patch v2 for 3.55


Rebug 3.55.2 TB Edition

Rebug 3.41.3

Rebug 3.55.2

3.41.3 OtherOS++

3.55.2 OtherOS++


Acid-CFW 3.41.010

Dongle Jailbreak[edit]

Using an AVR/PIC or other active USB device with running specific code to exploit the USB descriptor (only works on 3.41 and older).


Just install Linux and run apps on it.

Since 1.60 up until 3.20: official supported as OtherOS.

Since firmware 3.21 up until 3.55: no longer official supported, but made possible with modified firmwares, see OtherOS++ and AsbestOS (http://marcansoft.com/blog/2010/10/asbestos-running-linux-as-gameos/).

BD Java[edit]


Browser based[edit]

Homebrew: Java, Javascript based

Jailbreaking: Right now, there are no exploits for browser. It's pretty basic one too, kind of IE6 for PS3, even mobile pages sometimes won't be shown correctly (Example: http://m.deviantart.com)