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The Aeolia is a secondary processor acting as a sort of southbridge for the PS4. It is an ARM-based SoC produced by Marvell that handles several tasks to offload the main processor/APU:

It is connected to its own DDR3 worker RAM ("sbram") K4B2G1646E-BCK0, the main serial flash MX25L25635FMI-10G, SATA bridge MB86C311B and GbLAN controller 88EC060-NN82 etc. see also File:PS4_-_SAA-001_diagram.png

Source: Decapped by Chipworks, see their section on "Network Co-Processor"

This secondary processor was initially nicknamed MediaCon by the community before any official release because of its role of handling media (online Wireless/GbLAN, Bluray Drive and Harddrive) even in standby. Its official name is Aeolia, as mentioned in Orbis kernel logs.

The Aeolia is connected to the APU by PCI_Express x4. It runs its own FreeBSD system in standby mode, presumably activated to handle tasks such as downloading updates while the PS4 is in standby.