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International Rectifier 3585B[edit | edit source]

seen with markings "3585B N326P IC2X" and "3585B N330P J8M0"

International Rectifier 35211A[edit | edit source]

seen with markings "35211A" - APU Voltage controller on PS4 slim motherboard SAE-003, SAF-003

Datasheet :

TI TPS51218DSCR[edit | edit source]

High performance, single synchronous step-down controller for notebook power supply

Datasheet :

Richtek RT8237F - TPS51218DSCR equivalent

High Efficiency Single Synchronous Buck PWM Controller

Markings: 3E

Package: QFN-10


Skyworks 2614B 315BB[edit | edit source]

seen twice on wifi/bt subboard

4x5 = 20pin IC