4.60-patch CEX

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NOTE: Patch version does not include entire firmware, not suitable for clean installs without prior FW

Download[edit | edit source]

PUP hashes[edit | edit source]

MD5:fa716beb5e14e9ee581e3b58e20d4ff1 | SHA1:14d61447a4f3a94056c7d039180c1e4091c1d4c4 | CRC32:1836FC32 | CRC16::3191 | HMAC_SHA1::0xA5C747C57DBDB7204F7622AE597F2BB7210E6EB2

Files[edit | edit source]

dots.txt:                 ASCII text, with no line terminators
license.xml:              exported SGML document, UTF-8 Unicode text, with very long lines, with CRLF, CR line terminators
patch_build.txt:          ASCII text
patch_data.pkg:           data
ps3swu2.self:             data                            Using keyset [appldr 0x000D 03.56]
ps3swu.self:              data                            Using keyset [appldr 0x0001 03.15]
spkg_hdr.tar:             POSIX tar archive (GNU)
update_files.tar:         POSIX tar archive (GNU)
update_flags.txt:         ASCII text
version.txt:              ASCII text
vsh.tar:                  POSIX tar archive (GNU)