4.41 DEX

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Do *NOT* install this on a converted machine
It will result in the machine not allowing you to finish installing the update or even a brick.

There is a check on eid0(!) in lv1ldr, that will trigger a panic (fun fact: it's impossible to generate the checked data yourself, so no Cex2Dex without ugly patches anymore). See also: X-I-5-Passphrase

You can only recover from this with a hardware flasher

Changes[edit | edit source]


Changes in LV2 Kernel since 4.40 DEX[edit | edit source]

  • sys_fs_test

Download[edit | edit source]

PUP Hashes[edit | edit source]

MD5::62ac9ddd2659678e064ceb767dc9a729 | SHA1::0FA4A0D3B45C6F99B9082DFFDEDE87C5F92A8039 | CRC32::0D7B6B00 | CRC16::10CA | HMAC_SHA1::0x9F8D7DF57B7A4A26017A04550CF2F91EBEED312E

Pup Information[edit | edit source]

PUP file information
Package version: 1
Image version: 99999
File count: 9
Header length: 656
Data length: 188882039
PUP file hash : 9F8D7DF57B7A4A26017A04550CF2F91EBEED312E
        File 0
        Entry id: 0x100
        Filename : version.txt
        Data offset: 0x290
        Data length: 5
File hash : 01037DD9FC5401BC3F12E2D2998CF7EFC59DD951
        File 1
        Entry id: 0x101
        Filename : license.xml
        Data offset: 0x295
        Data length: 308970
File hash : 5003EBF1548E8F002545561B74BBF5C470EE92C7
        File 2
        Entry id: 0x103
        Filename : update_flags.txt
        Data offset: 0x4B97F
        Data length: 5
File hash : 65A0A6DA7FDB7F7A93C50F2439F6D5FE4C55AF74
        File 3
        Entry id: 0x200
        Filename : ps3swu.self
        Data offset: 0x4B984
        Data length: 5669568
File hash : 9F74EEE648AB8BEE8F9EB66739DA30C6B018BD04
        File 4
        Entry id: 0x201
        Filename : vsh.tar
        Data offset: 0x5B3C44
        Data length: 10240
File hash : D9B66E0D2845D71A67D76E7907AB06368CE61E08
        File 5
        Entry id: 0x202
        Filename : dots.txt
        Data offset: 0x5B6444
        Data length: 3
File hash : 1AA4749D0EE0D0AE937FBF73BC4B9ACD352F732A
        File 6
        Entry id: 0x300
        Filename : update_files.tar
        Data offset: 0x5B6447
        Data length: 177152000
File hash : 78F24FC6137E34BB0A20955B45160B89A508D121
        File 7
        Entry id: 0x501
        Filename : spkg_hdr.tar
        Data offset: 0xAEA8447
        Data length: 71680
File hash : 0069F68D1C3BD24EA4EFA6EC4F8BFE65BD1CA8D0
        File 8
        Entry id: 0x601
        Filename : ps3swu2.self
        Data offset: 0xAEB9C47
        Data length: 5669568
File hash : FA11D8383F3F43C985EBBDA5645021881BDF8AC5