370.001 DECR

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PUP hashes

CRC32     : f5ec6987
MD5       : 0ec718aeab47b2d5912e3c531abf0366
SHA-1     : edcedd51a1e72d3389c188d079ed0ca2159ce1cb
SHA-256   : 9a7b3975c246354e986982d63448038b8876580849aa6cadb24224ed6a41c07c
SHA-384   : 1f44ddc097704b79a82a0b7a16736e29faf9f4ecce07e6d33aeab83d8271408db6306c9958d220336ccaff078e98a6c4
SHA-512   : de03d1f4ec5499508984d2aef3add11fb554d2c48c1961b4458cddeb07147cd4aed219c06bb3547db020e19e645d7b0794ace73fe3e9efe4a9974ab30e553958

PUP information

PUP file information
Package version: 1
Image version: 99999
File count: 8
Header length: 592
Data length: 150386376
PUP file hash : 2E70DC961016C8A2638683A2400D0B66175B405A
        File 0
        Entry id: 0x100
        Filename : version.txt
        Data offset: 0x250
        Data length: 5
File hash : 19AC373183787DBD5CE00D5962729E7557EE318C
        File 1
        Entry id: 0x101
        Filename : license.xml
        Data offset: 0x255
        Data length: 3
File hash : 1AA4749D0EE0D0AE937FBF73BC4B9ACD352F732A
        File 2
        Entry id: 0x200
        Filename : ps3swu.self
        Data offset: 0x258
        Data length: 5658464
File hash : 10C55287F615B9F0E515E07BB6C95D23151A4041
        File 3
        Entry id: 0x201
        Filename : vsh.tar
        Data offset: 0x5659B8
        Data length: 10240
File hash : D9B66E0D2845D71A67D76E7907AB06368CE61E08
        File 4
        Entry id: 0x202
        Filename : dots.txt
        Data offset: 0x5681B8
        Data length: 0
File hash : B701CBBD3ACE82CAF2E4018E5327AA16637490DE
        File 5
        Entry id: 0x300
        Filename : update_files.tar
        Data offset: 0x5681B8
        Data length: 139018240
File hash : E5DA550165032E9F37303A0062EC7D13787BAE09
        File 6
        Entry id: 0x501
        Filename : spkg_hdr.tar
        Data offset: 0x89FC1B8
        Data length: 40960
File hash : 5A6E19D8BA6AAC990CA92E6825B15871B66C3200
        File 7
        Entry id: 0x601
        Filename : ps3swu2.self
        Data offset: 0x8A061B8
        Data length: 5658464
File hash : 00F511F9FC0480337085BD2116F6ADD0F7A23789